Shutting Down

It is with remorse that I announce that the 2017 IndyCar Season will be my last as a blogger, as I've decided to shut down the IndyCar Minnesota website. Winners and Losers will be finished off through the year, before I cease to post on the site.

After starting the website in late 2011, I've been able to connect with so many people based on the stuff I posted and the conversations I've sparked. It is something I have thoroughly enjoyed doing for the past six years. The memories I've made will not be forgotten.

But after some thought, I've decided to refocus my efforts on posting content on Twitter (no, I'm not leaving Twitter) directly versus using a website as a medium. This means that a shortened version of Winners and Losers will remain, which means the Cone of Shame will not be going gently into that good night. Other minor opinions that require more than 140 characters will also be posted. As a whole, I am planning on reducing content altogether. I'm using Twitter more because it will enable me to cut the time in half when it comes to posting stuff, as formatting and constantly needing a laptop to ensure quality of aesthetics hampers my ability to do things efficiently.

The website itself will stay online. I will glance at it very now and then and look back fondly on some memories, like the time I interviewed Justin Wilson, or the various segments of Around the Horn we did.

I cannot thank the thousands of you who took the time to read some average fan's opinions about a sport he loves. I know we didn't always agree, but it meant a lot that you were willing to share both good/critical opinions.

From here, I will begin posting downsized stuff straight to Twitter, and will increase my efforts to grow Fantasy IndyCar, which will remain unaffected by the closure of IndyCar Minnesota. I hope to continue to provide a quality league for many to enjoy and follow. It is also important for me to refocus the sheer large amount of time I used to invest on the website to finding a legitimate full-time job, which has proven to be very precarious. Finding proper work is important for my immediate future.

Thanks to all of you for following and continuing to follow me. It means the world to me to be able to share the sport I love with some with so many fantastic people.

To those who don't like me, take a look at Will Power's reaction to race control at New Hampshire circa. 2011. To those who enjoyed the site, thank you so much.

-Matthew Hickey