News: Production of 2018 Cars Begins

After three successful tests (out of four), IndyCar has given Dallara the green light to begin large scale production of the new body kits we will see in the 2018 Verizon IndyCar Season.

The tests at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (superspeedway test), Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course (road course test), and Iowa Speedway (short oval test), IndyCar feels there is sufficient enough data and positive feedback to give Dallara the go ahead to begin production of the new kits that will be sold and used by the teams next season.

Tino Belli, the IndyCar aerodynamic director and key figure it making the 2018 IndyCar a reality, said, "Almost everything went into production after Mid-Ohio, and today, we'll sign off on everything else. The only thing we have a little bit of work to do on is the front road course brake ducts (of the Chevy cars). We should be under control on that after we conduct the final test at Sebring International Raceway on September 26."

Photo: IndyCar Media

The green light that has been given to Dallara is excellent news given the large gap between the recent test at Iowa and the final test at Sebring. Had their been any hiccups, production could have been delayed, shrinking the window for Dallara to produce all of the parts necessary for the upcoming 2018 season.

Dallara continues a positive relationship with IndyCar. From 2008 onwards, Dallara has been the sole provider of chassis in the IndyCar Series. They were selected in 2010 to build the new 2012 IndyCar, and picked again to build the new body kit for the 2018 season.

My Opinion

This whole process has been nothing but a success. The whole IndyCar team, from Jay Frye and Mark Miles, to the teams and drivers responsible, to Tino Belli, deserves a huge amount of praise. I cannot wait for next season.

Thanks for reading!

-Matthew Hickey