News: Alonso Likely to Stay

For the fans holding out hope that Fernando Alonso to come to IndyCar full-time next year, that will likely not be happening.

According to Jonathan Noble of Motorsport, Fernando Alonso and the McLaren brass had a productive dinner at Silverstone. McLaren CEO Zak Brown, who was instrumental in getting Alonso to race in the 102nd Indianapolis 500, said, "We had a great dinner with Fernando. (*snip*) We have a good understanding with Fernando, and he loves the environment (at McLaren)."

Brown would later go on to say, "I think he loved IndyCar. He definitely wants to go back and do the Indy 500 when the time is right, but he has made it very clear that he wants be in F1 next year. I think the chances of him being in IndyCar next year are highly unlikely."

Fernando Alonso in the Indy 500 (Photo: Chris Owens / IndyCar Media)

Alonso has made no secret about his animosity towards Honda, who have made McLaren the worst team on the grid in the 2017 F1 season. Without assurances from the team or from Honda if they could get it together by the end of the season, Alonso was considering jumping ship to a winning ride next season. However, he would not be going to Mercedes, Ferrari, or Red Bull, the three best teams in F1.

After a successful Month of May with Andretti Autosport and McLaren Honda that ended in a Honda engine failure (go figure), many wondered if Fernando had a future with IndyCar. Fernando did come out and say that his chances of running the Indianapolis 500 next year was unlikely. IndyCar fans may have to wait another year to see the two-time Formula 1 champion back in the field of 33.

My Opinion

This is no fun! We all loved Alonso, except for maybe Jenna Fryer, but him not coming to IndyCar next year is both unfortunate and not surprising. He is a purpose built Formula 1 driver who makes $40 million a year. Unless he drove for Team Penske, who would likely make barely over $1 million in IndyCar.

But given his enthusiasm for IndyCar and the sheer amount of fun he had while racing in IndyCar, many wondered if he had a future in IndyCar. And, well, he was quite good at oval racing. He picked it up impressively fast and was running well before an engine failure.

However, we should give up hope of seeing him in IndyCar anytime soon.

Thanks for reading!

-Matthew Hickey