News: Aleshin May Be Back

Mikhail Aleshin's demise may have been overstated, as the Russian could be back on the grid in two weeks for Mid-Ohio.

After a difficult season, Aleshin was dropped for Toronto in favor of Sebastian Saavedra. Many speculated that it was another visa issue given the race was in Canada, or if his budget was nearing $0, or if he was ultimately just fired.

However, according to Autoweek, Aleshin should be back full-time for the remainder of the season. Piers Phillips, the general manager for Schmidt Peterson Motorsports, told Autoweek, "Sam Schmidt and I reviewed the first half of the season and it would not come as a shock to anybody the run of form Mikhail has been in. Obviously, with another mistake last week at Iowa and the subsequent result in damage and work that went on this week, we both made the decision to let Mikhail reset this weekend, take a sabbatical to refocus himself and come to Mid-Ohio in a different position."

Mikhail Aleshin at St. Petersburg (Photo: IndyCar Media)

Aleshin has been in several incidents this season and has drawn the ire of a couple of drivers. Incidents at Long Beach (contact with JR Hildebrand), Phoenix (started the big five car crash), Indianapolis (minor damage), Texas, and now Iowa Speedway have all significantly hurt his results and his and Sam's wallets.

The Russian driver has gained many fans for his fearless driving, but his knock on his resume is the ability to finish races without causing accidents. Time will tell if his Toronto reprieve will help his remaining five races on the season.

My Opinion

I think it's bummer to see Aleshin step out of the seat on a street course because he's been quite good at them. And it's even worse to see a hack like Saavedra step in his place instead of a guy like Robert Wickens. However, the news looks good that he will be back for the season, where I think he will be auditioning for his job for the 2018 IndyCar Season.

Thanks for reading!

-Matthew Hickey