Fantasy Indycar Picks: Sonoma

Here are the Fantasy Indycar picks for the 2016 season finale at the GoPro Grand Prix at Sonoma (championship leader in green, elimination zone in yellow, and eliminated in red):

Name Twitter Handle                                      Sonoma
Alan Stewart _alanstewart JPM Aleshin Helio RHR Rahal
Andy Nagel Gabbahey75 Pagenaud Power Helio Hinch Newg
Chris Blackburn  chblackburn23 Newg Power Pagenaud Helio Dixon
Chris Mienaltowski CPMski Power Pagenaud Newg Kanaan Daly
Conor Daly conordaly22 Rossi Andretti RHR Power Enerson
David Leiting Jr. Dlite_47 Power Newg Pagenaud Aleshin Kimball
David Redner IndyCART Power Pagenaud RHR Hinch Newg
DJ Jordan Indycardj32 Dixon Pagenaud Newg Aleshin Daly
Eric Hall Erock_in_Indy Rahal JPM Power Pagenaud Dixon
Jake Neely indycarfan25 Pagenaud Power Helio Dixon Newg
James Alban TheKing0fSwing Power Pagenaud Dixon Aleshin Newg
James Sedlmayr dfd827 Power Pagenaud Newg Helio Rahal
Jerry Cruz Indycar_Raider Power Helio Kanaan Aleshin Hinch
Jessica Baker bakerjm13 Dixon Rahal Munoz Hinch Kanaan
Johanna Husband writebend
Kieran Brughelli  kieranbrughelli RHR Dixon Power Newg Hinch
Kyle Lewis kylelewis1 Power Aleshin Daly Helio Hinch
Lynn Weinberg lynnweinberg Power JPM Pagenaud Aleshin Rahal
Martin Plowman plowey Helio JPM Pagenaud Hinch Aleshin
Mathew Gruenholz IndycarSTIG Helio JPM Rossi Kimball Sato
Matthew Hickey Indycar_MN Dixon JPM Pagenaud RHR Power
Michael Friedman mfriedman_63 Pagenaud Power Dixon Newg Bourdais
Mike Crawford 7BigMike Rahal Pagenaud Power Dixon Newg
Mitch Robinson mitchrobinson_ Aleshin Dixon Helio Kanaan Daly
Morgan Polizzi morganpolizzi Helio Pagenaud Power Aleshin Rossi
Paige Hill paigehilll Pagenaud Power Dixon Enerson Pigot
Rick Snodie  rickfromwi Power Dixon Pagenaud Helio Kanaan
Sam Klein sklein31 Power Pagenaud RHR JPM Aleshin
Sandy Lamparello npssandy RHR Pagenaud Daly Dixon Newg
Sarah Hall SarahHall_528 Dixon JPM Pagenaud RHR Power
Sean Kennedy _6thgear_ Pagenaud Power Newg Kanaan Bourdais
Sophie Hanson Sophie_Hansons3
Steven Jenkins ukindyfan Pagenaud Power Rossi Bourdais Hinch

Let's race!

-Matthew Hickey