Winners and Losers: The 100th

Here are your Winners, Losers, and Cone of Shame winner for the 100th Indianapolis 500:


Alexander Rossi 
I may have personal animosity towards Alexander Rossi but it's hard to be unhappy with the guy after winning the dream race. Hey may have not been the ideal winner, but judging him after the race, carried himself in a positive manner after crossing the finishing line. My personal favorite was the salute to the fans after running out of fuel. If he can get committed to this Indycar thing, I'll quickly change my animosity to fandom.

Nothing like signing on to a team 10 days before that team wins the 100th Indianapolis 500. That's a sponsorship plug that will never go away. Hope there's a bonus to the guy in the NAPA marketing department who did this.

Michael Andretti 
After going through so much futility in his career as a driver, seeing Michael Andretti have success at Indy since 2005 and now to win the 100th Indianapolis 500 is just epic.

Josef Newgarden
He may not have won, but Josef Newgarden put on a hell of a show. He was hardly outside the top-six all day. He carried the banner for a Chevrolet group littered with Ganassi and Penske drivers.

Honorable mention: Indycar. What a great day for the sport.


Ryan Hunter-Reay 
What could have been for Ryan Hunter-Reay... He had one of the best cars out there, which was evident with his early duel with James Hinchcliffe, but a pit incident completely ruined everything. Easily could have been his second 500 win.

Team Penske 
There's not one single positive Team Penske or any of their drivers can pull out of this race. Not one. That's all I really have to say.

Sage Karam 
The hard charger of the field, Sage Karam, crashed into the wall. Whether it was his fault or not, Karam got in a poor situation and did not back out of it. Such a shame.

Don't worry, they're still sandbagging.

Come of Shame 

Townsend Bell 
Whether he was responsible for driving like a madmen against drivers out there (ie Newgaeden), whether he was responsible for Sage Karam's accident (or not), and whether he was responsible for Ryan Hunter-Reay's demise in the pits (or not), the fact that Townsend Bell found himself in this many perilous situations kind of says it all, doesn't it?

What an honor it was to be a part of history.

-Matthew Hickey