Fantasy Indycar Picks: Iowa

Here are the Fantasy Indycar picks for the 2015 Iowa Corn Indy 300 (current championship leader highlighted in blue, those in the elimination zone highlighted in red):

Name Twitter Handle                                  Iowa
Alan Stewart _alanstewart RHR Pagenaud Briscoe Andretti Newg
Amy Woedl OpenWheelMom Carpenter RHR Bourdais Munoz Andretti
Andy Nagel Gabbahey75 Newg Sato Kanaan Briscoe Andretti
Chris Blackburn  chblackburn23 Andretti Carpenter Newg Munoz RHR
Chris Mienaltowski CPMski Carpenter Andretti Newg Briscoe Munoz
Conor Daly conordaly22 Wilson Andretti Newg Sato Jakes
David Leiting Jr. Dlite_47 Carpenter Newg Andretti RHR Briscoe
David Redner IndyCART Kanaan RHR Andretti Briscoe Karam
DJ Jordan djordan3223 RHR Kanaan Andretti Karam Kimball
Eric Hall Erock_in_Indy Andretti Briscoe Dixon Kanaan Munoz
Gina Navarra  gmnavarra Rahal Carpenter Hawk Power Munoz
Jake Neely indycarfan25 Andretti Wilson RHR Newg Kanaan
James Alban TheKing0fSwing Newg Helio Dixon Munoz RHR
James Sedlmayr dfd827 Andretti RHR Rahal Kanaan Newg
Jason McVeigh jasekm Newg Carpenter Kanaan Briscoe Andretti
Jerry Cruz Indycar_Raider Karam Andretti Newg Sato Pagenaud
Jessica Baker bakerjm13 Carpenter Sato Pagenaud Bourdais Andretti
Johanna Husband writebend Helio Briscoe Kanaan Rahal Newg
Justin Mann mannbeast Wilson Rahal Newg Bourdais Helio
Kieran Brughelli  kieranbrughelli Andretti Briscoe Carpenter Rahal Karam
Kyle Lewis kylelewis1 RHR Andretti Rahal Newg Kanaan
Lynn Weinberg lynnweinberg Kanaan JPM Newg Sato Bourdais
Mathew Gruenholz IndycarSTIG Andretti Briscoe Rahal Bourdais RHR
Matthew Hickey Indycar_MN Kanaan Rahal Andretti Carpenter Jakes
Mike Crawford 7BigMike Briscoe Kanaan Carpenter Newg RHR
Mitch Robinson mitchrobinson_ Kanaan RHR Rahal Briscoe Newg
Paige Hill paigehilll RHR Kanaan Andretti Helio Karam
Rick Snodie  rickfromwi Kanaan Andretti Newg Rahal Munoz
Sam Klein sklein31 Andretti Newg Karam RHR Rahal
Sandy Lamparello npssandy Andretti Wilson Kimball Rahal Newg
Sarah Hall flywheel011 Briscoe Andretti Kanaan Munoz Rahal
Sophie Hanson Sophie_Hansons3 RHR Kanaan Carpenter Kimball Sato
Steven Jenkins ukindyfan Karam Briscoe Newg Kanaan Bourdais

Penalties: N/A

Top 3 most picked: 1) Andretti - 24 2) Newgarden - 24 3) Kanaan - 18

Not picked: Coletti, Vautier, Mann, and Chaves

Getting to the closing stages of the season!

-Matthew Hickey