Waiting List is Open!

If you want a chance to compete in the 2016 Fantasy Indycar season, contact me starting today! I will put your name down on a list for a chance to earn one of up to three spots for next season! The field for 2016 will be released on November 1st.

Fantasy Indycar is a league that I started with the help of many others in 2012. Since then, it is has grown into a fan favorite league. New bonds have been for and many have grown fonder of Indycar. Fans of Indycar join together in a friendly sport to compete for the championship! Many have enjoyed playing, including Conor Daly, who picked himself in this year's Indy 500!

The basic rules of Fantasy Indycar are simple: you select five drivers before the weekend starts, and whatever points they get in the race, you get! The strategy is about who to pick and when to pick them, because you can only pick a driver five times in the season. At the end of the season, the winner gets a plaque to keep as well as the Lionheart Trophy for one season, and then the trophy travels to the new champion for a season.

Many current participants enjoy Fantasy Indycar for multiple reasons! Andy Nagel at @Gabbahey75 had this to say:

"Fantasy Indycar has been a terrific and fun way for me to bring engagement of Indycar Racing to a whole new level. The league is run in a straight forward and fun way which allows everyone to be competitive and interact with each other. Even cooler, the field is comprised of everybody, from "Joe/Jill averages' to an actual and active driver (Conor Daly). I tried the Verizon league, but found this one to simply be more enjoyable. Matt is the man as the head of the series and a blogger. Can't say better things to anyone interested in a Fantasy Indycar league."

Paige Hill @paigehilll has this to say about following her picks: "I always have my favorites but then during the race, I'm cheering for the drivers I've chosen for the week so they kind of become my favorite. You always have people to cheer for, unless they take each other out like this week (Detroit). But it makes us pay attention to the underdogs a lot more too!" I echo what Paige is saying! I always have favorites like Daly, Newgarden, and Pagenaud, but the five drivers I pick for Fantasy automatically become my favorite.

I know I run the league and I'm supposed to talk it up, but it is genuinely an awesome league full of great people that can enhance your experience of social media and Indycar. The friendly competition also makes it that much better when you win! If you want a chance to join a very exclusive club, just get a hold of me!

No promises though, as only a few spots are open. Since I do all the work by hand, it is time consuming. Any more than 33 entrants and the workload would become unbearable. Sorry to those who make it but I giver every person on the waiting list a genuine consideration for the next season! All of those in Fantasy Indycar get first dibs on returning next season.

Commenting on that last sentence, a new rule has been introduced in 2015 codenamed Elimination. Those who finish P31-33 after the last race of the season will be eliminated from the field the following season. However, after that season, they can get back on the waiting list!

Elimination has thrown things for a loop. Jake Neely, @indycarfan25 (who is actually in the Elimination Zone at the moment), had this to say about elimination, "Even though Fantasy Indycar is just meant to be a fun thing for us fans, I get extremely stressed about my picks and position in the points. Being in the elimination zone made me freak out because I definitely don't want to lose my spot in the league next year!" While I've never had the pleasure of being in the zone, I can imagine it's a tense time for any who are there.

The moral of the story is that Fantasy Indycar is a great time for a great group of people! Like I said, there is only at most three spots available. There will be lots of interest in those three spots, so I apologize to those who I turn away, but again, anyone who submits their name to me will get a serious look at entering the league! Just contact me between now and October!

For the full rules and to keep tabs on the current Fantasy Indycar season, check out and bookmark the Fantasy Indycar page on my website here by clicking this.

Thank you all so much!

-Matthew Hickey