Winners and Losers: GPI

Here are the winners, losers, and Cone of Shame winner following the 2015 Angie's List Grand Prix of Indianapolis:


Will Power
Another world class win for Will Power on his way to career win number 25, which is staggering in itself. These are the types of races that I love from Power; pure dominance, class of the field. A huge boost to Power's championship hopes as well, as he jumped to P2 in the standings.

Graham Rahal
Did.... did Graham Rahal finish second two weeks in a row? Is Graham top-five in the championship points? Did someone abduct Graham's team and replace them with someone else, or is that someone else under the helmet posing as Graham? Whatever the case, Rahal is once again the class of the Hondas. Nothing short of impressed with Graham so far. Hopefully he finishes higher than P33 at this year's 500.

Juan Pablo Montoya
Juan Pablo Montoya had a stealthy and quick performance on his way to a P3 finish. The best part about his performance? He comes out of the race with a championship lead.

Charlie Kimball
The read-headed stepchild of Chip Ganassi's squad (figuratively and literally) had a very quiet race, but he came in P5. Granted, he did gain at the misery of Simon Pagenaud and JR Hildebrand, but that's not to take away from Charlie. Also, it's a happy occasion because for the first race this year, Charlie didn't get hit or hit someone!


ABC sucks. They're an embarrassment to the sport. For us at home, the race was pretty dull. The last 20 laps was a 'All Hail Will Power' session. Scott Goodyear does his best to inject worthless opinions and pointless stories into the broadcast in his douchy, monotone voice that could put a kid laced with sugar and Mountain Dew to sleep. While I actually like Eddie Cheever as a person, I don't think he makes for the best commentator. This makes poor Alan Bestwick with an uphill battle, as he does a perfectly fine job. So head nimrod, plus the guy who actually won the Indianapolis 500, plus a decent commentator, coupled with poor coverage, equals a shit product.

Justin Wilson
Not the best debut to Andretti Autosport for Justin Wilson, though I put little fault on him. The car and the team clearly don't appear to be up to snuff. Barely getting higher than P18, Wilson's race ended after a gearbox failure. Let's hope the big race doesn't go this poorly for Wilson.

JR Hildebrand
Poor JR Hildebrand. I dogged JR early in the weekend, as his pace was among the slowest of all Chevy's. With 15 laps left, JR was running fifth. I ate my words, and I could only admit that I was thoroughly impressed with the race he crafted and the pace he was showing, especially since he hadn't raced a road course since 2013. Something mechanical forced JR to pit, ruining his race. This can't detract from the fact that he ran a very good race. *tips cap*

Simon Pagenaud
Simon Pagenaud is the only Team Penske driver to not finish a race this season, and the only problem is, is he's not finished two of the five races so far this season. This does not bode well for his championship hopes. While he has been incredibly quick, it's the results that matter.

Cone of Shame

Helio Castroneves
It's only fitting that in Helio Castroneve's 300th career race, he finds a way to be a pain in the ass once again. Heading into turn one on lap one, Helio broke a bit late and failed to apex the corner, hitting and spinning Scott Dixon, causing chaos behind him. If it was Will Power, Scott Dixon, Graham Rahal, or any number of drivers, there would have been a penalty. Helio? Nah, of course not. Not only that, but race control didn't give us an explanation as to why he wasn't penalized, which is equally stupid. The best part? Helio wound up P6. I just don't see how people are blind to the fact that Helio is a dirty driver and does shit like this on a regular basis. Later on in the race, he swooped across the white lines, thus leaving the boundries of the track, to pass Stefano Coletti, and then cut all the way back across the track to the left side. If that isn't the textbook definitions (notice plural) of an illegal overtake and a subsequent block, then I have no clue what is. Wake up people, Helio is a great driver, yes, no denying that, but he is a dirty one as well.

Next is the big one!!

-Matthew Hickey