Am I Missing Something? (Brasilia)

What on Earth is going on in Brazil?

We are now 43 days from Indycars taking the track at Autódromo Internacional Nelson Piquet (AINP) in Brazil's capital city, Brasilia. Now, normally I would be jacked to get the Indycar season going, but this year, I am becoming a mix of pissed-off and confused.

Every now and then, a picture will surface of the renovations taking place at AINP. I'm no expert, but the construction project seems to be very poor planned and not well executed. Most tracks that are renovated or brand new or done within three-six months prior to their next race at the very minimum (at least it seems like it is for NASCAR and F1). At this rate, Indycar will be lucky to have the the track ready a day before the first practice. Take a look for yourself:

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Am I the only one not alarmed at what is going on here? No pit lane, rubble in the middle of the track from torn down garages, turns not finished, asphalt being made on site? It's all disconcerting.

This has the potential to get ugly for Indycar. Not having the track ready in time for the first race of the season would be a black mark for Indycar. Although the race circuit was scheduled to be rennovated prior to Indycar selecting, Indycar officials still chose to go there. If things don't work out, Indycar's credibility would be taking a hit, and they can't be taking hits like this if it wants to establish itself as a premiere open wheel series in the world. One also wonders why AINP was chosen over other venues in Brazil or other venues in America and around the world. Interlagos would have been perfect.

Indycar has made note that they have a 'Plan B,' racing at  Autódromo Internacional Ayrton Senna (AIAS). Comparing AIAS to AINP is like comparing Nantucket to Nantucket with Jay Penske in town.  AINP is a virtual dump at the moment, and I hope this is just a case of me being negative. Hopefully someone in charge knows what they are doing.

Is this is a case of me being overly critical of a situation or do you all think I have an argument? Let me know what your thoughts on the situation are.

Thanks for reading!

-Matthew Hickey