2015 Fantasy Indycar Field

The time is now. Here are the 33 competitors who will take part in the 2015 Fantasy Indycar season! I have embedded an Indycar related tweet from their Twitter profile! Please check them out and follow all of them! Here's the field:

Paige Hill is in the field! I am unable to embed any tweets of hers because her profile is private, but you can follow her here!

Welcome the five rookies to the Fantasy Indycar fraternity! (Johanna Husband, Mitch Robinson, Paige Hill, Sandy Lamparello, and Sarah Hall!)

Make sure you all follow the 33 Fantasy Indycar participants! We will have more Fantasy Indycar news coming in the coming weeks about a possible rule change in FI. Stay tuned! Thanks to the field of 33 for making the commitment to FI for 2015!

Special shoutout to participants Alan Stewart, Andy Nagel, Chris Blackburn, David Redner, DJ Jordan, Eric Hall, Gina Navarra, James Alban, James Sedlmayr, Jason McVeigh, Jerry Cruz, Jessica Baker, Kyle Lewis, Lynn Weinberg, Mathew Gruenholz, and Rick Snodie for participating in every year of Fantasy Indycar since its inception in 2012! Your commitment and help in getting Fatnasy Indycar on its feet is greatly appreciated!

Thanks to everyone! The 2015 Fantasy Indycar season isn't too far away! Make sure to stay connected using #FantasyIndycar.

-Matthew Hickey