The Title Sponsor

With one season almost in the books, it's apparent that Verizon kicks ass.

Verizon was everything that IZOD failed to live up to in the last couple of seasons.. They have produced several television advertisements, promoted Indycar on their Twitter account that has over 221,000 followers, sponsored cars fielded by Team Penske, and do all sorts of activation at race tracks. I remember being floored by all of the technology Verizon had on display, having ways to cool your house from an app on your phone, or all of the video technology they've been trying out since joining forces with Indycar.

Helio Castroneves - Grand Prix of Indianapolis
Verizon sponsored all three Team Penske cars (Helio Castroneves [pictured], Will Power
[Verizon's full-time car], and Juan Pablo Montoya) for the Grand Prix of Indianapolis
in May (Photo: Nick Laham / Getty Images North America)

The mobile and online streaming have also been fantastic! Many people are getting in on the fun on their tablets and phones, watching timing and scoring, live onboard footage, and catching up on the latest news/tweets.

As stated above, Verizon has been kicking ass in the advertisement department. Here are several commercials that Verizon has aired on TV:

Verizon has seemed to do a lot of the little things right, including small tid-bits of media. Here is a piece called INDYTECH 101 (<---- click that). Next time you tie a shoe, just remember a crew of six mechanics can change four tires and fuel a car in less time than it takes you to finish your double knot!

Will Power and I don't often agree on many things, but he said it best:
"I think Verizon is a very fitting brand for the series because the series relies so heavily on technology." -Will Power

This partnership seems like a match made in heaven. So far, I am a happy fan! They've done everything that I have expected them to do. Hopefully this company and Indycar continue to thrive and build off each other.

What do you all think of Verizon and Indycar so far? Let me know!!

-Matthew Hickey