Fantasy Indycar Awards

Another great season of Fantasy Indycar is in the books! For the first time ever, I have decided to some Fantasy Indycar awards! Here is the first ever Fantasy Indycar award ceremony!

Fantasy Indycar Champion:
     3rd place: Chris Mienaltowski
     2nd place: Sophie Hanson
     1st place: DJ Jordan

Marty Roth bottom three (from those who were involved all season):
     28th place: Justin Mann
     29th place: Emily Mugan
     30th place: James Alban

Michael Tressler Rookie of the Year Award:
     2nd runner up: Conor Daly
     1st runner up: Jake Neely
     Award winner: Sophie Hanson

Best single race performance:
     3rd: DJ Jordan (Pocono) - 346
     2nd: Mike Crawford (Fontana) - 352
     1st: Rick Snodie (Fontana) - 354

Best non-500 mile single race performance:
      3rd: Michael Tressler (Barber) - 177
      2nd: Sam Klein (Indy 500 qualifying) - 185
      1st: Sophie Hanson (St. Petersburg) - 189

Milka Duno award for worst single race performance award (excludes penalties):
     3rd: Justin Mann (Milwaukee), Mike Crawford (Iowa and Detroit #1) - 63
     2nd: James Alban (Grand Prix of Indianapolis) - 58 
     1st: Rick Snoodie (Detroit #1) - 57 

Will Power award for most penalties:
      3rd: James Sedlmayr + Justin Mann - 3
      2nd: Alana Jolly - 4
      1st: Emily Mugan - 7

Participant with most maxed out drivers:
     2nd: Chris Mienaltowski - 15
     2nd: Kieran Brughelli - 15
     1st: Alana Jolly + Mathew Gruenholz - 16

Person with least maxed out drivers:
     3rd: Chris Blackburn - 8
     2nd: Justin Mann - 6
     1st: James Alban - 4

Indycar driver most picked this season (full-time):
     3rd: Helio Castroneves - 156
     2nd: Scott Dixon - 159
     1st: Will Power - 161

Indycar driver least picked this season (full-time):
     3rd: Mikhail Aleshin - 78
     2nd: Carlos Huertas - 23
     1st: Sebastian Saavedra - 19

Thanks all for a fun season!!

-Matthew Hickey