Around the Horn: July 2014

Normally, this is where I would introduce a number of panelists to discuss four questions from the previous month on all things Indycar. It didn't feel right to do it for July given the circumstances. Co-founder of Around the Horn, Michael Tressler, passed away last month at the young age of 35. I was one of the lucky ones who got to talk to Michael on a week-to-week basis. He will be missed.

So, for Around the Horn this month, I asked the two other mainstays of Around the Horn, Mathew Gruenholz and James Alban, and one of Michael's favorite drivers Conor Daly, to share some thoughts on the passing of Michael. I also contributed a thought. Here is what we all had to say:

"It saddens me as it would anyone whenever we lose friends and fans, Michael was a great fan and a great person to interact with. He contributed and co founded our Around The Horn IndyCar discussions, competed in Fantasy IndyCar, and was always a good source of opinions. It was a pleasure and honor knowing Mike. My deepest sympathy to his family, his loss reminds us to enjoy life in the moment." -Matthew Gruenholz

"I only tweeted with Michael a few times on Twitter, but he definitely was a quality chap. He truly enjoyed being involved in the Fantasy IndyCar Series and the fantastic interaction this season. I did enjoy his opinions, whether agreeing or disagreeing, and always found them to be interesting and classy. He was a family man, which he was quite proud of. I have no doubt he was a great Dad and husband. When someone is taken too soon, we all hurt. I know his family truly appreciates the thoughts from everyone during this tough time. Godspeed my man..." -James Alban 

 "Always sad to lose a fan of Motorsport and particularly someone who supported me as I try to live my dream. I can't express how much I appreciate the support." -Conor Daly

"Michael came off as a great guy. His passion for the sport of Indycar helped paint the picture of a guy who truly enjoyed. The Indycar community will miss him greatly. Rest in peace Michael." -Myself

Please continue to send thoughts to the Tressler family. God speed Michael.

*Around the Horn August 2014 will be delayed by a week due to my being on a vacation.

-Matthew Hickey