Fantasy Indycar: Month of May Overview

The Month of May is an especially hectic time for Fantasy Indycar. Don't miss the opportunity to earn valuable Fantasy points! Here are some things that I need to bring to your attention:
  • In the past two years, there was a race at Sao Paulo, and then a week off, and then Indianapolis practice begins. Now, the new race (the Grand Prix of Indianapolis) is on Saturday, May 10th. The day after (May 11th) is the first official practice session for the Indianapolis 500, meaning picks will be due for the 500 before the cars hit the track. You do not want to be late on your picks, because 50% off at Indianapolis is a huge penalty!
  • Per usual, you will submit your five picks. In addition to those five picks, you have the option of submitting a bonus pick. This bonus pick is your guess at who will win the pole for the Indy 500. This bonus pick does not count towards your five picks for a driver per season. Example, if you've picked Helio Castroneves twice on the season and you pick him for your bonus pick, the amount of times you've picked him will remain at two. If you correctly guess the pole sitter, you earn a 25 point bonus. There is no penalty for an incorrect guess, so there's no harm in attempting this bonus.
  • Once again, there will be another voluntary 25 point Twitter bonus. In year's past, it has been posting a pic of drinking milk or #Indy500orBust. This year, you guessed it, it is kissing some bricks! Simply tweet a picture of you kissing a brick(s) and tag me in it to receive 25 bonus points for Indianapolis! This is due before the drop of the green flag for the Indianapolis 500.
  • Also new this year is double points. Indycar and its officials decided that Indycar will reward double points at 500 mile races. Fantasy Indycar adheres to these new changes, meaning that the point system being used will also be used by us. You will receive whatever points a driver gets for the 500, including qualifying bonus points. 

If you have anything you need to clear up, let me know!

-Matthew Hickey