Thanks Tweeps

My love of Indycar has only grown thanks to Twitter. Thanks to all of you for following me and helping me reach 1,000 followers (do 1,000 people really follow me? Wow...). Thanks to Twitter, I've met and talked to a lot of great people on Twitter. Here are some of my favorite things about my life on Twitter:

I love talking to new and current Indycar fans!

Seeing Swinger throw the #HOP (Hold on playa', aka 'hang on a sec') on people and events is always a sight! One of the nicest people I have talked to and one of my most loyal followers. He's the man.

Getting motivational speeches from Conor Daly to sack up makes me want to do something with my life. Talking to him is always a treat.

It's always a joy to see families happy together! Perfect example is everyone's favorite mother-son duo, Amy and Gage! And Amy got me real  good with my Avatar swap for a day.

Great having someone fellow collegiates to talk to Twitter  about Indycar! Kieran Brughelli, Mitch Robinson, Kyle Lewis, and David Leting Jr.

Speaking of Davids, David Bolton has always treated me kindly and with the utmost respect, even after I was "fired" from Open Wheels. A very classy and respectable man.


Everyone needs a hardcore liberal Canadian friend... Thanks for filling that void Diego 'Dora' Santesteban! Despite all of our fighting and his stupid Patgasms, he's cool.

How often do you get a follow from your idol?! Dario Franchitti follows me, plus I've interviewed him, plus we've also conversed! How cool is that?!

Every now and then, I can take a break from Indycar and get scolded for liking the wrong English Premier League team. Thanks DR... Its okay, the Brits are really cool! David Redner, Adrian Rickard, and Jason McVeigh are all legit!

If you haven't been sworn at by Chris Burk, change your ways!

Talking to Pippa Mann like once a week is too awesome. Literally too awesome. Not only one of my favorite drivers, but one of my favorite people in general!

Not too often I talk to someone like Eric Hall. Very respectful yet knows when and how to chime in his opinion. He's definitely taught me a lot about our great sport.

Doesn't matter that I don't understand half of the shit Danny Cat Steve aka Steve Hall posts, he's a real funny and nice individual.

Thanks to Twitter, I now have an adopted mother from Canada! Jenn Bishop is always looking out for me! She's too kind.

John Barnes has taught me a lot of bible verses.

Talking about my favorite driver with both Kase and Paige Hill is always a blast. They're the bomb. Newgy 4 life.

I'm still waiting for the day where Matt Archuleta misses some bit of Indycar news. In my two and a half years on Twitter, he hasn't missed a beat!


I love being reminded of how great Dan Wheldon is every week.

Hashtags with #KateGuerra is #waytoomuchfun. Also, #HIGPA. Also also, #GEORGE.

Kristen Kirstyn Brokken (it's a joke because everyone spells her name wrong) shares all her stories with me, and they could entertain me for days. And her dog is the greatest specimen ever. She's my main girl!

In the face Indycar drama, Zach Houghton is always there to provide comedic relief. His site is also pretty badass!

Anyone who tweets #Badgerness is instantly cooler.

#BlameTony. But when we aren't blaming Tony, we are admiring the success he's had, now that he's doing boss things at Motorsports Talk. Hard work pays off.

If it wasn't for Twitter, I would have never gotten the chance to meet and chat with Connor De Phillippi at Iowa in 2012! Such a great guy.

Glenn Locke. I really can't narrow it down to one specific thing that I like about him. So, we'll just leave it at Glenn Locke.

If Patsy White doesn't like you, chances are, no one likes you, because she's one of the most caring people on Twitter.

Tyler Duke is the man for helping me out with my Twitter avatar!

Fantasy Indycar!

Steve Wittich is awesome. Does a lot for our great sport, speaks his mind, and supports all drivers and fans. Plus he isn't afraid to call out people when they're being idiots. My kind of dude!

Michael Tressler came to me with the idea to start Around the Horn. It truly is fun and a great feature on the site! Great idea from a great Twitterer.

Always enjoy talking to my man Tyler Graaf! An up-and-coming driver who uses social media to his advantage!

Did I mention The STIG?! That dude is my hero.

A NASCAR race wouldn't be a NASCAR race without Mike Crawford calling it CRASHCAR.

Three guys who speak their mind and are always enjoyable to talk to are DJ Jordan, Jake Neely, and Mike Knapp.

Josef Newgarden's tweets. Josef Newgarden's hair. Josef Newgarden. I mean, I've never been jealous of a man. Ever. But he almost makes me jealous. Almost.

Sticking in the SFHR Family, Kyle O'Gara is pretty damn cool. Us Irish people have to stick together. Most people don't understand.

Andy DeFrancesco is one of my most loyal followers! Love talking to him. Plus the dude owns Coldstone! Real bang up, fun individual who is great to talk to!

Old Man Ross (Fujibayashi) understands my sense of humor. The dude gets me.

Jacob Wilson once said conservitive bloggers are the best... Moral victory for me?! He also sent me some race worn gloves. Legit!

James Sedlmayr is always talking smack on Fantasy Indycar when he isn't any good! Lynn Weinberg, who's actually good at it, and I know that all too well! All in good fun though!

Pretty sure it's safe to say that Johanna H. is the nicest person on Twitter! Is that a fair statement?

Although he's a stingy bastard, I do enjoy debating with Dylan Tilbury.

I think, maybe speculation, that Alan Stewart might have won the Indy 500 Fantasy Indycar stage.. Just an observation... But he's a real cool dude and not afraid to speak his mind!

Please please please don't be offended if you didn't make the list! I truly enjoy all of the conversing I do on Twitter and really enjoy all of the conversations and debates that take place with all sorts of people. And, yes, it's true, I love Indycar! Thanks to all 1,000 of my followers!

-Matthew Hickey