Guest Blog: Go Helio and Indycar!

Hello IndyCar Fans Everywhere!

My name is Shelby Elizabeth Bohmer, am 21 years old, and from Kokomo, Indiana.

Being born in Indiana has its perks in the racing world. That's right... It's the home of the biggest event in MotorSports, "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing", the Indianapolis 500. I grew up hearing stories of how my family either went to or listened to the race every year. As we've seen, the cars have improved, speeds have gotten faster, and the competition has blown the roof off of any kind of MotorSport in the history of its time, but it doesn't stop there, as the Indy 500 is just one of the many races during a driver’s season. It goes in full swing with the  IndyCar Series always beginning in late March.

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Courtesy of Shelby Bohmer

Following an IndyCar Season is one a HUGE excitement, spine-tingling if you will. It ALWAYS has that "on the edge of your seat" kind of action. Sure I grew up with the Indy 500, but the one 500 that changed my perspective on racing and made me become the avid fan I am today is the one in 2009-won by "Spider-Man" himself, Helio Castroneves. He won it all from the pit-stop competition, earning the pole position, and winning his 3rd Indy 500. He came along way from the end of 2008 into early 2009, not sure if he would even ever get to race again, but God had other plans in mind-along with his Team, Fans, and Family. Coming back strong, Helio made an impact on many people, including me. Helio Castroneves was "the spark" that made my "racing flame" go from a flicker to full blaze.

I started to follow the series much more widely after this impact he had placed in my heart. Racing felt different in that it had much more excitement-especially knowing I had someone to cheer on every race. It made my "Indiana Pride" shine that much brighter. It made other race series-like NASCAR-a thing of the past. I've had followed IndyCar for those 5 years from 2009-2013 but really have followed it avidly for the past 2. (2012 & 2013) There’s nothing now like the sound of revved up engines and the roar of the crowds, the smell of pure ethanol, and blistering pavement speeds.

Being an Helio Castroneves fan, people often ask this question: "Did you know him as the Driver or Dancer first?" Well, I proud to say I knew him as the "Driver: first, as Helio always says, "I am a Driver first, Dancer second."

Over the years I've been an IndyCar fan has only made my love for him as a driver and person grow. The way he presents himself on and off the racetrack is just inspiring-optimistic with his "glass" always full, his laughter and smiles bring smiles to our faces, and the way that when he knows it's time to focus, he zones in on what lies before him and goes after it with no pun intended, "full speed ahead."

Knowing he accomplished the feat of winning 3 Indy 500's, I decided to make a video that commemorated each win. Boy, that was some day when Helio saw it for the first time after I created it. It made him cry "tears of happiness". It was the beginning of what I like to call for him and I a "good partnership", as we now keep in touch quite often.

VIDEO LINKS:  I made the video in October of 2012.

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Courtesy of Shelby Bohmer

After the 2012 race season had come and gone it was time to begin another-2013. I was excited as ever! Races would go by race by race, Helio leading the points over the majority of the season. With me being such a fan of Helio, I made up a hash tag of #TeamHelio. With his championship chances rising all throughout the 2013 year, I decided we needed something bigger to help cheer him on. I found fellow Helio fans on both Twitter and Facebook and came up with "We Believe", making it #TeamHelio...We Believe. It was right after his nasty race weekend in Houston that he needed his fan support more than ever going into the finale in Fontana, California. We all pulled together and made Helio a support video with the #TeamHelio...We Believe Motto. Watch here.

It became a giant hit with Helio and fans everywhere. Now going into the 2014 season, we plan to continue to use the #TeamHelio...We Believe motto.  I made a Facebook Group based on it.  You can find us here.

You can also contact me personally at... Facebook here, Twitter here, or E-Mail: My Youtube Channel can be found here.


-Shelby Bohmer