Fast Five with Conor Daly

My first interview in 2014 is with some dude named Conor Daly. Daly, a self-indentified Hoonigan, had an okay 2013. Just got to race in the Indy 500, drive an F1 car, participate in both GP2 and GP3, Indy Lights, and Indiana Series MRF. Plus he will be making his Rolex 24 Hour debut this weekend. So yeah, it's nothing spectacular (snark). In all seriousness, Conor is a real bang up guy. He's active on social media, he's funny, he's great to talk to, and he is one hell of a driver! It was an honor to interview him. Check out our interview here (Conor's answers labeled as CD):

1) You drove all sorts of cars in 2013. F1, Indycar, GP2, GP3, and a lot more. What was 2013 like from your point of view? 

CD: It will be hard to beat that's for sure.  By far the best year of my life and the busiest year of my life.  I got a lot of great opportunities and have a lot of memories, I just have to aim higher again for 2014! 

Daly in the #41 cockpit at Indy (Photo: Marshall Pruett)

2) You had a really up and down Month of May! What did you take out of that whole experience while driving for AJ Foyt Enterprises? 

CD: It was overall a great experience.  I got a lot of track time before the crash in practice but after that the running was minimal and didn't get as much as I would have liked running in traffic.  Then we had our engine problem on pole day taking away another entire day!  All we needed to do was get in the show and that's what we did.  Then the mission is to make it to the end of the race as a rookie.  A lot of rookies don't finish their first race and that's what I wanted to do.  It was an unbelievably chaotic race losing rear brakes after my first stop and being set on fire two pit stops in a row.  After all that though we still made it through the race and I learned such valuable information for the future if I get another shot at the race. 

3) Thoughts on the DW12? Likes, dislikes, how it compares to the multitude of other race cars you've driven? 

CD: It really needs 200 more horsepower.  It has great brakes and great feel.  I like the look of the car in oval configuration the most, but the side pods still dont make sense to me.  The gearbox is another thing in the DW12 that is fantastic, very smooth. 

4) Looking at 2014, are you close to getting an Indycar deal together? What are the chances we see you in St. Petersburg for the opener? 

CD: I really dont know where I am at the moment.  I will know more after January 27th I'd say.  It's just a money game as usual… If I had 2-4 million dollars I'd be signing on a dotted line tomorrow but unfortunately all I really have is around 2-4 single dollars.  Trying to stay positive though, I would have to say there is definitely a chance of me showing up at St. Pete. 

Hoping for some positive news in the coming week for Conor! (Photo: Marshall Pruett)

5) The staple question of the Fast Five series is have you done anything obscure whilst driving a race car, like sneezing, coughing, humming, or anything else that can be considered unusual?  

CD: I will sometimes have brief conversations with myself pre-race or whenever a race is under yellow.  I usually end up jamming to a song in my head also before a race

Thanks again to Conor for the interview!

-Matthew Hickey