Mapping Out The Tracks

Here is a map of the location of the current Indycar venues (excluding Brazil), marked with red dots. The circles, colored blue, around the race location correspond with the projected reach (where they pull fans from) of each race (this is totally my educated guess as to the reach of race, and obviously there are out liars to every track's reach). States shaded black have no race in them. Check out the map:

Note that Baltimore and Brazil will not be returning next year.

So what do we know? Well, for one, the Mountain West is untapped not only by Indycar, but by NASCAR as well. Maybe a return to the Denver Street Circuit, once raced by Champ Car, would be awesome for Indycar, since Pikes Peak isn't a formidable option anymore. 

Champ Car in the Streets of Denver (No photo credit given)

Other places that would be awesome for a return would be Portland, Oregon, where Indycar used to race. Again, no NASCAR there. Vancouver would also be spectacular, another former place for Indycar, although a new track layout would need to be drawn up. Finally, Providence, Rhode Island would be a great option for Indycar. reported last year that Providence was interested in hosting an Indycar race. 2014 is out of the picture, but having it on the 2015 schedule would be awesome to see!

It is also to point out what wouldn't fit. It would be a stretch to add races at places like COTA and Laguna Seca given the current state of the races we have in Texas and California. I would love to see them on the schedule, but would they make sense and draw support? I am sure Laguna Seca could, be COTA? I don't see it.

 What are your thoughts on all of this?! Let me know what you are thinking!

-Matthew Hickey