Fast Five with Justin Wilson

Ir's Justin Wilson week on the blog! Earlier this week, I summed up my thoughts on Justin Wilson in an article about this season and him as a driver throughout his career. In short, he's a badass. Check out that post here. So no need to be redundant. All I will say is it is a privilege to interview a talent like Justin and I thank him for his valuable time! Enjoy the interview and let us know what you think! Justin's answers labeled as JW (find Justin on Twitter here and give him a follow):

1) I have watched every race flag to flag this season and you stand out as one of the drivers that has impressed me the most. It seems like no matter what obstacles you face, you're always in the hunt at the end of the race, finishing in or around the top-ten every time. How has the season been going from your point of view?  

JW: For a small team we certainly have had our ups and downs, I seem to have had some good races, but I look back on missed opportunities on all of them.  I cant believe we are 6th in the Championship but I guess every driver is saying the same thing. Indycar is so competitive this season.

2) Two doubleheaders down, one to go (in Houston). Now that you've had a couple swings at them, what are your thoughts on them? Likes / dislikes?  

JW: The double headers are tough, physically getting my body to recover quickly for the next day.  After a bumpy street race it's not just your muscles, you have bruises and injuries all over to recover from.  I still haven't decided if I enjoy them back to back, but love the tracks they have been on. My mind changes depending on how well the races go!

Justin Wilson - Honda Indy Toronto: Day 2
Justin Wilson on the streets at Toronto for the second of three doubleheaders this year (Photo: Chris Trotman)

3) You're one of two drivers to have done standing starts in F1, Champ Car, and Indycar (the other being Sebastien Bourdais). Given your expertise, does Indycar's clutch system / standing start procedures need improvement or is the system in place well off?  

JW: Standing starts are a little tricky as the clutch is designed not to slip, it is meant to be on or off. Standing starts were not in the cards when the clutch was spec for this car. It's also tough with the clutch on the wheel. In F1, the software manages the clutch wear and temp and re-calibrates the clutch to give the driver the bit point in the same spot every time. We don't have that luxury; it would be nice to make the system more refined but its not required.

There are things Indycar can do with its procedures to make the standing starts work smoother for everyone and I know they are working on those.

4) It is not too early to think about next year. I always wondered what someone with your talent could do at a powerhouse team like Ganassi or Penske, but things are going well at Coyne. Have you thought about your options for 2014?

JW: I think we all would like to be in the winning teams like Penske, Andretti and Ganassi. Working at DCR, we keep continuing to build a better team and race car. I think the continuity helps.

Justin Wilson - Sao Paulo Indy 300 - Day 1
Great to see a small operation hanging with the big boys every week! JW currently
P6 in the championship. Here is Justin at Sao Paulo (Photo: Chris Graythen)

5) The staple question of the Fast Five Series is have you ever sneezed, coughed, or done anything else that could be considered obscure whilst driving a race car?

JW: No I believe I have not. I did get some dirt under my helmet that went into my eye, in a practice session in Toronto. I had to go to ER before the race to get it all flushed out.

Thanks again Justin for taking the time for the interview and to you, the reader, for viewing!

-Matthew Hickey