Winners and Losers: Sonoma

Winners, losers, and Cone of Shame "winner" following the Holy Shit This Surely Wasn't The Go Pro Grand Prix at Sonoma because Sonoma is usually dull and uninteresting:


Will Power

Power finally snaps his losing streak that has extended to early 2012, which is still really hard to wrap ones' head around. He drove hard all weekend and did a great job in the race, especially with a charging Wilson at the late stages of the race.

Helio Castroneves

Helio did a great job of staying out of trouble and charging late, extending his points lead. He still has finished every lap this season! Truly remarkable.

Dario Franchitti

Four podiums in the last five races for The Legend. Where are the critics at now? Is it still Ashley Judd's fault? Idiots......

Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson finishes P2 despite all the carnage and anarchy. Justin was involved in the anarchy when he got spun early on. But no pissing and moaning from Justin, just some badass driving to earn him his best finish of the season.


Helio Castroneves

Despite being a winner, Helio is also considered a loser this week. Why? If he does win the title, some folks might look past his incredibly consistent season and pin his title on Race Control's decision at Sonoma.

Scott Dixon

Dixon has every right to be pissed, and his championship battle just received a little monkey wrench. But don't count him out for a second. Also, see Cone of Shame.

Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing

A very forgettable weekend for Sarah Fisher Hartman, with Newgarden being hampered by mechanical issues all day and first time Indycar driver Lucas Luhr never quite getting up to speed. On to Baltimore. Newgarden has been solid on street circuits this year.

Dragon Racing

They actually had a good team result going, with Bourdais hanging around the top-ten and Saavedra in the top-ten. Then Saavedra was wrecked but, Bourdais did finish in the top-ten. The problem? They went through 74 front wings in the process. Keep it clean gents.

Cone of Shame

Will Power's Crew

Okay, let me start off by saying that I am thankful that everyone that was involved in the incident between Will Power's crew and Scott Dixon walked away with their health in tact. No serious injuries to report. Having cleared that up, I think the call that was made by Beaux Barfield was right, but it was also wrong. According to a strict interpretation of the rule book, what Dixon did was a penalty. He hit a crew member and equipment, which is technically a penalty. But it's disappointing that a "probable cause" point of view wasn't taken. Not only did Dixon not blatantly hit Power's guys and the tire, but it was in his path at his pit exit by a crew member walking back to his stall. The crew member made no effort to get out of the way, giving Dixon a penalty and costing him the race. Having said that, I think it's rather presumptious to assume that crew members will start putting themselves in harms way to give rival cars penalties. That's a bit of a stretch. Many may disagree with my coning, so tell me who you feel should be coned. I can see all angles to the argument. The whole thing is a crock of shit, but don't let it hamper the fact that the race that was put on was a great race, one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Let me know what you think.

-Matthew Hickey