Less Talk, More Action

Every year, it's the same old same old on Road America. Fans, drivers, and other personalities tweet 365 days a year (with a large portion coming on the weekends when ALMS, NASCAR, etc race there) about how they would love Indycar to go back to Road America and what it would mean for the sport and yadda yadda yadda....

So, if drivers are so desperate to go back and if Road America would be such a great addition to the schedule, then why has a deal not been reached? The series has not raced in the quiet town of Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin in a very long time (last race was held by Champ Car in 2007).

Tags leading the field at Road America in 2004 (Photo from Champ Car
\website... Although I am sure they don't care if people use their photos anymore...)

Indycar has been working hard to get back to Road America the last couple years. But the financials haven't been worked out and finding a promoter isn't exactly easy. Plus there is already a race in Wisconsin in the form of Milwaukee. But solutions can be made on all fronts. A financial compromise can surely be met. A promoter would chomp at the bit if a desirable date for the race opened up..... Oh hey check that out, Labor Day Weekend is open in 2014 (Baltimore has a conflict next year on that weekend). And people from all across the Midwest, including my parents and I, would FLOCK to Road America to witness the return of our beloved sport to the best road course in America. At the moment, the premier race at Road America every year is NASCAR Nationwide... I mean, seriously? That's an insult to such a fine establishment and racing itself.

So what's the real thing stopping Indycar from going to Road America? Not sure. A big name maybe? If Michael Andretti or Bobby Rahal took the lead on getting Indycar back, many would listen and follow suit. If the drivers got together and went to CEO Mark Miles to say they wanted to go back, Mark would listen. Would this actually work? Only one way to find out, and that may not even do it. But it would be nice to see someone in a position of power work at something to step up and get the ball rolling. Fans would be thrilled to find it on the schedule next year.

Let me know what you think.

-Matthew Hickey