On This Day: Ferrari Team Orders

On this day eleven years ago, May 12th, the infamous Ferrari team orders were given in 2002 Austrian Grand Prix that gave Michael Schumacher the win over then teammate Rubens Barrichello. With one lap remaining in the grand prix, Rubens had a couple seconds lead on Michael Schumacher. Coming off the last turn, Rubens, as ordered by his team, ceded the position to Michael at the line, giving Michael the win and the maximum number of championship points to the displeasure of the crowd. On the podium, Michael gave the first place trophy and the top step on the podium to Rubens. Ferrari was subsequently fined $1 million for violation of the podium celebration. As far as the orders, new rules were made by the FIA to try and limit team orders that would fabricate results. Michael Schumacher did go on to win the 2002 F1 World Championship.

Schumacher takes the win (Photo: Eurosport)

-Matthew Hickey