Fantasy Indycar Picks: Sao Paulo


Listed below are the picks of the 2013 Itaipava Sao Paulo Indy 300 for Fantasy Indycar. But before that, let's take a look at some of the rules that are going to be established now for the 2013 Indianapolis 500 to give you guys some time to think. Here are some of the rules:
  • Picks are due Saturday May 11th at a time TBD
  • Unlike last year, this year, participants will get the points drivers earn in qualifying on top of the points a driver earns in the race
  • Like last year, there will be a 15 point bonus to anyone who posts a picture on Twitter of them holding a cardboard sign, note card, piece of paper, or anything for that matter (doesn't have to be too sophisticated) with "#Indy500orBust" on it. Check my pics to see an example. The more creative the better! Unlike the picks being due May 11th, the pictures can be posted up until race day, just make sure you tag me in the pic! 
  • If a driver you have selected gets bumped, well... Tough luck
  • Participants will be allowed to make a pick for pole. This pick will not count towards their five they get per year. If you guess correctly, you get 25 points. A wrong answer will not count against you negatively

Any questions? Let me know. Here are the picks for Sao Paulo:

Name Twitter Handle          
Alan Stewart _alanstewart Power RHR Rahal Sato Helio
Alana Jolly alanajolly RHR  Sato Andretti Simona Wilson
Andy Manes andyjm1989 Power Dario RHR Sato Helio
Andy Nagel Gabbahey75 Simona Wilson Kanaan Power Rahal
Chris Blackburn  chblackburn23 Servia Power Kanaan Simona Tags
Chris Mienaltowski CPMski Servia Pagenaud Dario Sato RHR
Connor De Phillippi cdephillippi11 Power Sato RHR Viso Hinch
David Redner IndyCART Kanaan Andretti Kimball Hinch Simona
Diego Santesteban santesteband Helio Dixon Andretti Simona Wilson
DJ Jordan djordan3223 Simona Sato RHR Tags Servia
Emily Mugan emyrmalee Andretti Power Simona Sato Helio
Eric Hall erock_in_indy Power Dario Rahal Sato RHR
Gina Navarra  OfficalGinaN Helio Sato Rahal Kanaan Kimball
James Alban TheKing0fSwing Servia RHR Bourdais JR Jakes
James Sedlmayr dfd827 Vautier Servia Kimball Viso Rahal
Jason McVeigh jasekm Power Helio Kanaan Sato Hinch
Jerry Cruz Indycar_Raider JR Helio Wilson Sato Servia
Jessica Baker bakerjm13 Kanaan Sato Rahal Hinch Helio
Joe Swain Indy69Nova Kanaan Rahal Power Sato Simona
Kieran Brughelli  kieranbrughelli Sato Tags Kanaan Power Rahal
Kyle Lewis kylelewis1 Power Sato Kimball Viso Wilson
Kyle O'Gara kyleogara Kanaan Power Servia Pagenaud Newg
Lynn Weinberg lynnweinberg Power Dario RHR Sato Hinch
Mathew Gruenholz IndycarSTIG Power Sato Helio Viso Kanaan
Matthew Hickey Indycar_MN Power Sato Jakes Kimball Simona
Michael Tressler mtressler13 Dario Power Helio Newg Simona
Mike Crawford 7BigMike Power Simona  RHR Hinch Helio
Rick Snodie  rickfromwi Power Sato Dario Simona Andretti
Ross Fujibayashi fujis123 Power Sato RHR Hinch Pagenaud
Sam Klein sklein31 Power Helio Sato Dario Simona
Steve Hall dannycatsteve Power Sato RHR Rahal Tags
Steven Jenkins ukindyfan Sato Dario Servia Simona Helio
Tony Tellez tonytellez Power Dixon Sato Newg Pagenaud

Penalties: N/A

Top 3 Most Picked: Takuma Sato (24), Will Power (22), and Simona de Silvestro + Helio Castroneves (13)
Not Picked: Sebastian Saavedra, Ed Carpenter, and Ana Beatriz

-Matthew Hickey