Monday, April 29, 2013

More Ovals?

I wonder what ovals that aren't currently on the Indycar schedule would be a good fit for the 2014 season. There are a lot of viable options for Indycar to look at.

First thing I want to discuss is a touchy subject for many. I want to look at 1.5 mile ovals. First off, before we can even think about returning to these types of tracks, which include Chicagoland, Kansas, and Las Vegas, extensive testing will need to be done to ensure that pack racing has been eliminated, which is the main concern with Indycar at these tracks. The packs form at these tracks due to the banking at the turns and length of the track. The reason behind this concern was the crash at Las Vegas in 2011 and the overall risk of a violent crash compromising the lives of others. But with races last year at Texas and Fontana that were spread out thanks to lower downforced cars, the racing was better and safer.

Other ovals that would great for Indycar include tracks at Michigan and Phoenix. Michigan ceased hosting Indycar races in 2007, and Phoenix in 2005. Both tracks would put on a great race for the fans and drivers. Phoenix is a short oval that would present a challenge to all drivers. Michigan is a huge track that closely resembles Fontana. Both would be mega additions.

Indycar at Michigan in 2007 (Photo credit not listed)
Some not so likely but would still love to see them tracks on the schedule include Kentucky, Nashville, Richmond, and Twin Ring Motegi. All four have hosted Indycar races in the past and would be great additions to the series next year. 

And last but not least, why not Rockingham in Great Britain?  I've been saying we should race there for about five decades but either people don't agree with me or they don't say anything when I bring it up. If you disagree with me, feel free to throw a brick at me.

Obviously it is irrational to want all those races on the schedule, but maybe two to three on the schedule next year to replace the second double-header races at Toronto, Detroit, and Houston to keep the schedule at 19 races would be ideal.

Let me know what you think. 

-Matthew Hickey


  1. While all of the above would be potentially good options, there are points that are missing from your post.

    1. Chicago, Kansas, Michigan, Phoenix, and Richmond are all owned by ISC. Why would ISC want to allow INDYCAR to hold races there?

    2. Are there sponsors to fund these races?

    3. Rockingham (UK) and Motegi involve traveling as well as other issues-weather being one.

    Please understand that I am not dismissing your post out of hand. In my perfect INDYCAR world, if I could afford to buy the series-and I am nowhere near having the financial wherewithal to do so-I would try to have my ideal INDYCAR schedule as close to half ovals/half street/road courses as possible. However, reality is that ISC, SMI and other entities have to agree to hold races, and until they see it as being viable financially, it may not happen.

  2. of course i want a few more ovals.

  3. I would like to see 27 races in the IndyCar Season. 13 ovals and 13 street/road combos, the 27th being the Indy 500. Tie the 500 in for the triple crown with the rest of the ovals, but open up the 500 for anyone who wants to enter a car with a different engine, fuel, chassis or any other type of technology to give the 500 a brand new scope and open it up to a wider group of fans.

    Just a small idea of what I would like to see.