Why F1 On NBCSN Is A Good Thing

Lets be honest, the first thing everyone thought when NBC Sports Network won the rights to broadcast Formula 1 events from Fox Broadcasting Company was, "Great, Indycar gets put on the back burner again." But F1 coming to NBCSN could be a great thing for both parties.

NBCSN is kind of a ghost network. Not too many people watch it. And while F1 ratings weren't the greatest when they were on FOX, racing fans are racing fans. F1 isn't a casual sport you just pickup in a day. F1 fans know that F1 is on NBCSN and will definitely be tuning into this weekend's race at Melbourne. And then, they will (hopefully) see multiple ads for Indycar's season opener in St. Petersburg. And maybe, just maybe, those fans watching F1 will watch Indycar and see how great the racing is.

Nico Hulkenburg in the Sauber car at Melbourne (Photo credit not listed)
Maybe I am in the minoirty, but I believe the NBCSN sports deal to broadcast over 200 hours of F1 and Indycar in 2013 is great. F1 fans will become more aware of Indycar, and Indycar fans will become more aware of F1. That and NBCSN does a fantastic job of broadcasting the races, which will make F1 that much greater. Hopefully both Indycar and F1 can help each other grow in America. NBCSN can be a one stop network for everyone who loves racing now that SPEED is a joke. All in all, I believe F1 going to NBCSN can only be great for F1 and Indycar.

Let me know what you are thinking.

-Matthew Hickey