Greatest Drivers of All Time #8: Juan Manuel Fongio

In a new series I am doing on the blog, I take a look at the greatest fifteen drivers in the history of motorsports, with some statistics and reasons as to why I selected them. Here are the previous drivers on the list:

#15 Jim Clark
#14 Dario Franchitti
#13 Sir Jackie Stewart
#12 Jimmie Johnson
#11 Michael Schumacher
#10 Al Unser Jr.
#9 Dale Earnhardt

Juan Manuel Fangio

Born: June 24, 1911 Argentina
Death: July 17, 1995
Race starts: 51
Wins: 22
Poles: 29
F1 Titles: 5

Juan Manuel Fongio, aka The Original Badass, is an absolute legend. In 52 career starts, Juan recorded 24 wins and podiumed 35 times. To go with those numbers, he won five F1 Championships. Many fans of motorsports in the world have absolutely no idea who Juan Manuel Fongio is. He won titles for Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, and Ferrari. He was the second driver to win the title for Ferrari, and we all know how Ferrari's future ended up. Juan died of natural causes at the age of 84 in 1995, and was buried in his home country of Argentina. His passion and determination have lived on through time, and should be considered one of the greatest drivers of all time. 

Stay tuned for #7. Let me know what you think.

-Matthew Hickey