Glock An Option For Indycar?

According to a German newspaper, stuff is hitting the fan between German Formula 1 driver Timo Glock and F1 Team Maurissa (formerly Virgin) in regards to Timo's seat for the 2013 F1 season. The report suggests things are over between the two parties despite the fact Timo was under contract for 2013.

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Photo from Wikipedia

So, assuming the Germans can get something right, Timo is now a free agent. Evaluating his options, his best option is the second Force India seat. But with that seat being highly pursued by drivers with exponentially large pockets, I don't know if that will happen. Moving down the chain, Timo can stay in Germany with DTM or, if he gets really desperate, German Formula 3. Next on the list would likely be V8 Super Cars or other rally racing elsewhere.

But why not Indycar? We've seen former F1 drivers succeed in Indycar like Justin Wilson, Takuma Sato, and Rubens Barrichello (yes he only raced for one year, but he had great runs). I feel as if Timo were to get his shot, he would not only find Indycar a blast (anything's a blast when you're not in a Maurissa) but he would be racing top tier drivers from around the world.

It's tough to give a percent chance of him coming over though. The last German to race in America in Indycar was Andreas Wirth for Dale Coyne Racing all the way back in 2006. Ramblings of Nick Heidfeld spurted up last year when he was at St. Petersburg, but it ultimately never amounted to anything. It begs the question, what does Indycar have to do to attract a top tier German driver? I feel as if Indycar were to get a German driver, than his fan base from Germany and beyond would openly follow him and Indycar. I mean, why would they bother following it right now this very second?

BUT, Timo Glock has already raced in America. In 2005 Driving for Rocketsports in the Champ Car World Series, Timo finished 8th in points with an average finish of 8.1, including a second place finish at Montreal. He won rookie of the year, a very impressive feat. He also proved he can drive on ovals, as he finished 9th at Milwaukee (started 14th out of 17 entries) and finished 8th in Las Vegas (started 15th out of 18 entries), the only two ovals on the schedule that year.

Photo by Joe Paolella

I personally would love to see what Timo Glock could do in Indycar if he gave it two to three years. He achieved a lot in one year of Champ Car before moving to GP2 which led him to F1. Is this Timo's chance to revive his career?

Let me know what you think.

-Matthew Hickey