Review: COTA Survives Trial By Fire

Firstly, sorry for the tardiness of this article, as I would have liked to get it up following the US Grand Prix of Formula 1 at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas. But the point I will make in this article was just how stellar the race was despite what everyone, including myself, was predicting. How could we not all have our doubts? Debates over funding and what not kept things in the courtroom, and at one point, the race was almost cancelled for 2012.

And then you take into account that the track is designed by the best circuit architect in the history of mankind (massive sarcasm), Herman Tilke, and you get a recipe for a lot of pessimism. Honestly, look at Tilke's latest works and tell me they are good: Abu Dhabi, Buddh (India), Korea, Valencia, Singapore, Shanghai, Sepang, and Bahrain. Name a good race that has happened at any of these tracks in the past five years on the F1 level. Good luck.

But then the race started, and almost immediately, the action was fast paced and amazing. Groupings of cars appeared all over the track with breathtaking passing and incredible maneuvers. The race was won by Lewis Hamilton, who did an amazing job of catching eventual world champion Sebastian Vettel and passing him for the win, which will be remembered as Lewis's last win at McLaren.

Photo: Reuters: Robert Galbraith

COTA was unpredictable and had many people wondering what the racing was going to be like leading up to the race. After surviving the trial by fire, the future is bright for COTA. I don't know about you, but I would love to see Indycar end up there eventually. Australia's V8 Super Cars will race at COTA in 2013, and F1 will be returning. 

But with Indycar having two races in Texas already (TMS, a track Indycar has raced at since 1996, and Houston, which has a two year deal with a title sponsor), will COTA ever be on the Indycar schedule? Who knows. But one thing is for certain; the track flat out kicks ass.

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-Matthew Hickey