Greatest Drivers of All Time #11: Michael Schumacher

In a new series I am doing on the blog, I take a look at the greatest fifteen drivers in the history of motorsports, with some statistics and reasons as to why I selected them. Here are the previous drivers on the list:

#15 Jim Clark
#14 Dario Franchitti
#13 Sir Jackie Stewart
#12 Jimmie Johnson

Michael Schumacher

Born: January 3, 1969 Hurth Hermulheim, Germany
Race starts: 307
Wins: 91
Poles: 68
F1 Titles: 7

Before you burn me at the stake for putting the most successful F1 driver in the 11th spot on my all time list, hear me out. Michael Schumacher came onto the F1 scene with a bang, winning two titles with Benetton in his third and fourth full time seasons. Then he came on the scene and with Ferrari and won 5 titles in straight years from 2000-2004. But who exactly did Michael beat those five years? An aging Hakkinen and a reckless Coulthard? A teammate who wasn't allowed to impede his progress because Ferrari loved Schumi more than Tim Tebow loves Jesus? A bunch of other teams whose budget and manpower couldn't touch Ferrari's? I contend that Schumacher always had extra help with perfect equipment for so many years. When his car wasn't up to snub, we know how things have gone. This year, for instance, has been deplorable for Schumi. The car has won one race, but by his teammate, Nico Rosberg. Is Schumi one of the greatest drivers of all time? No doubt. But he isn't anywhere close to being the greatest driver ever, nor is he even in my top three greatest drivers of all time. 

Stay tuned for #10. Let me know what you think.

-Matthew Hickey