Friday, November 2, 2012

Greatest Drivers of All Time #13: Sir Jackie Stewart

In a new series I am doing on the blog, I take a look at the greatest fifteen drivers in the history of motorsports, with some statistics and reasons as to why I selected them. Here are the previous drivers on the list:

#15 Jim Clark
#14 Dario Franchitti

Sir Jackie Stewart

Born: June 11, 1939 Milton, Scotland
Race starts: 99
Wins: 27
Poles: 17
Formula 1 Championships: 3

Being a young guy who is relatively "new" to this whole racing thing (fan for about six years), the only thing I thought about Jackie Stewart was how adorable his accent was and I wondered why the hell people called him Sir. And then I did research. And then I shut up, because this guy is an amazing driver. 99 race starts, 27 wins. Yep, for those of you not near a calculator, that's 27% wins to race starts percentage. Add that with one of the select few with three F1 titles, and there's no question Sir Jackie Stewart is one of the greatest drivers ever.

Stay tuned for #12. Let me know what you think.

-Matthew Hickey 

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  1. Jackie also did a lot for the safety of motorsport. Until he crashed at Spa in '67, he was just as lackadaisical as the others; he'd invest in the best helmets and firesuits-common sense things-but never thought much of it. Then Jimmy was killed at Hockenheim, and the attiude changed. Drivers like Amon and Ickx will say that they are thankful for that, but also were more than happy to let him take the stick for it. Fate dealt another blow as he lost his closest ally, Jochen Rindt, at Monza in 1970...but he continued his staunch stance on safety and driver's well-being, being the only man with enough balls to protest circuits such as Clermont-Ferrand, Spa, and the ominous Nurburgring. In fact, Jackie and the GPDA got the venue for the German GP in '71 switched to Hockenheim just SIX weeks before the German round. He was also successful as a team owner/boss, with Stewart GP achieving one GP win and a handful of podiums in the mid-90's. Pretty heady stuff for a team that was absolute shambles before he took it over. I personally rate Jackie second, behind Gilles Villeneuve.