Defending Romain Grosjean

Did Romain Grosjean make a stupid move after pinching Lewis Hamilton heading into turn one at Spa causing a huge crash collecting Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez? Absolutely.

But there are many things to consider. One of which is I am absolutely positive he didn't do it on purpose and/or he didn't see Lewis on his right side, or maybe thought Lewis backed out.

And if he had let Lewis go, would he have made the corner anyway? Lewis had such a tight line that I'm not convinced he himself would have caused a pile up in the first turn.

And lastly, how many times in the past has a driver taken out someone battling for the championship and they do not get any repercussions? The most recent being Maldonado taking out Hamilton at Valencia who was primed for a good points result to catapult him up in the standings. Was Maldonado (who has hit everything but the pace car) suspended? No.

These were my thoughts after hearing the news Romain Grosjean would be suspended  by the FIA for the race at Monza next Sunday after taking out multiple championship contenders. 

Romain Grosjean made a mistake. Do you think he's happy about it? Do you think he doesn't feel a little bit sorry about what happened? A suspension not only doesn't solve anything for a guy who has had a pretty clean track record (excluding Spa '09) when it comes to incidents with other drivers.

This also sets a bad precedent for F1 and its drivers. They're basically saying, "If you take out someone fighting for the championship in the closing stages of the season, we will suspend you."

I don't like the call at all. Romain Grosjean is a world class talent and a suspension gets us nowhere.

Let me know what you think.

-Matthew Hickey