Shut Up Or Get Out

I, like many, were absolutely infuriated when Robin Miller reported on Wind Tunnel that four to five Indycar team owners were looking at buying the Indycar Series so they could fire Randy Bernard and run the series themselves.

I mean, do the owners not know what caused the downfall of CART? How arrogant can you be when it comes to ignoring past mistakes? Why on earth would you ever want to voluntarily make the same mistake twice?

Several things came to mind: 1) If the owners complain about how expensive the DW12's have become and how they can't afford Aero Kits in 2013, then how in the hell can you get enough money to buy the entire series? 2) I'm not much of a business guy, but I am pretty sure you can't just buy a racing series from someone. The Hulman Family has to be willing to sell, which I don't think they will.

The problem with the owners in Indycar is that a) they are never happy no matter what, because they begged for a CEO, but now the one that they have (who has made Indycar relevant again) isn't quite good enough b) everything revolves around money for them. They don't take a step back and think about the consequences that could result from another owner buyout. If they want to know what happened the last time this happened, they can turn to the page titled "Racing History in 1996".

Lots of people miss the go old days of Indycar before the split

And with the news last week that costs would be cut due to a decrease in testing in 2013, how can owners be upset at Randy Bernard for not making an effort to cut the costs?

I absolutely support Randy Bernard, and I fully guarantee that he could do a better job than any one owner in Indycar. The only owner I'd ever trust to run the series would be Michael Andretti. 

But here's the ultimate message to Indycar owners: No one is forcing you to be in the Indycar Series, so if you don't like how things are being run, then leave! There is no point in making the same mistakes that CART made, thus destroying a great series for the fans, team owners that actually like Randy Bernard, and drivers who spend their whole life preparing themselves to make it to Indycar.

I'm not saying the owners can never voice their displeasure on a issue, that's the exact opposite of what I am trying to say. Yes the DW12s have been more expensive then advertised, but if you should be mad at someone, maybe the owners should buyout Dallara.

But there are ways to go about it, like going to talk to Randy himself instead of going to the press about the issue. Silly idea, I know, it's a brand new concept for some owners.

So the message to owners trying to plot the downfall of Randy Bernard: Stick a brick in your pie hole.

Let me know what you think.

-Matthew Hickey