De Silvestro a "True Professional"

I'd seriously like to think that if any other driver was in 23 year old Swiss driver Simona de Silvestro shoes this year, they would have given up. Her season has been absolutely dismal. She is in a car powered by a Lotus, which have been less then stellar this season, and driving for a small team in HVM. This is a recipe for a tough season. And the results reflect that. She has run at the back all year and it has been a tad bit depressing to watch.

But Simona has persevered. Has she given up? No. Has she gone to the press and talked about how much of a shit show the Lotus has been? No. She has actually been optimistic on Twitter and supporting the team in interviews.

But she might have a wide smile on her face come Toronto, because Lotus (who only supplies engines to HVM and Simona) is introducing new upgrades which hopefully might increase performance for Simona so she can actually compete towards the front where she belongs.

So far this season, Simona has finished P24, P20, P20, P24, P32, P14, P24, DNS at Texas, and P14. That is an average finish of 21.5. That is dreadful.

But has she said anything? No. In fact, every time I see her on TV she is smiling. She is finding a way to have fun in such an awful season. In essence, Simona de Silvestro is a true professional, and she will reap the rewards of her attitude and driving abilities sooner rather than later. Like I have always said, put Simona in a Penske, and it is game over.

This season has been a bump in the road, but in the grand scheme of things, this is won't affect her career. Teams know of her talents, and if Lotus don't step up their game, Simona would draw a lot of interest from other teams. Keep up the great work Simona, fans everywhere appreciate it.

Let me know what you think.

-Matthew Hickey