Friday, June 29, 2012

Without Twitter...

Without Twitter, I... :
  • Wouldn't have been given a good laugh on a daily basis from @Burk992 and @dannycatsteve. Also without Burk, I wouldn't know every swear word in the English dictionary
  • Wouldn't have met great bloggers to learn and model after like @indycaradvocate @PopOffValve @Fleshwound_NPG @Erock_in_Indy @15DaysofMay and many more
  • Wouldn't have realized 18 year olds literally know nothing about anything courtesy of Half Pint 
  • Wouldn't have met my favorite Dora the Explorer @santesteband
  • Wouldn't have debated with great Indycar people who knew what they were talking about like @kylelewis1 @djordan3223 @bakerjm13 @IaIndycarFan @IaIndyFan @rickfromwi @15DaysinMay @_alanstewart @7BigMike @AlanaJolly and many more
  • Wouldn't have a sick phone background made by Kieran Brughelli @AcrossTheBricks
  • Wouldn't have known the extent of just how bad CNN is
  • Wouldn't have seen some of @DanSanfy13 and been blown away by it
  • Wouldn't have been a part of something as great as @Open_Wheels with @tonytellez @davidindycar @Tiffany2978 and @Fujis123
  • Wouldn't know how to be Cryptic like Paul Tracy thanks to @tonydizinno 
  • Wouldn't know my favorite couple ever of @CDePhillippi11 and @haileyrbrown
  • Wouldn't know how to throw an outrageously awesome party thanks to Swinger @TheKing0fSwing
  • Wouldn't know how to properly drive a car, nor would I have 10,000 photos of a camera, courtesy of THE STIG @IndyCarSTIG
  • Would give a shit, very un-Badger of me. Badgerness is always in effect with @EJVISO
  • Wouldn't be reminded of all the good that Dan Wheldon courtesy of @RIPDanWheldon
  • Wouldn't have gotten into Top Gear thanks to @PippaMann and THE STIG
  • Wouldn't have created a Fantasy Indycar league, which, as it turns out, I suck at anyways, getting my ass kicked by Kyle Lewis @andyjm1989 @jasekm @fastlifeofgina @emryrmalee and more 
  • Wouldn't have communicated with professional race car drivers on a daily basis
  • Wouldn't be up to date on all Indycar news thanks to @indy44
  • Wouldn't know what an #AIRFIVE is thanks to @jacobwilson07
  • Wouldn't get into vicious Xbox 360 vs PS3 debates with @kyleogara and @josefnewgarden
  • Wouldn't be the hashtag man if it wasn't for @angieking and @kateguerra4
  • Wouldn't be taught how a) to be a proper favoUrite teen b) not to make fun of Canada courtesy of Jenn Bishop @khiva1
  • Wouldn't be cheering for Manchester United, @Plowey has made me a fan
  • Wouldn't be as enlightened to past historical Indycar moments thanks to @racingAsh
  • Wouldn't have the utmost privilege and opportunity to meet and extensively chatting with @EJVISO @CDePhillippi11 @PippaMann @IndyCarStig and @TheKing0fSwing 
  • Wouldn't been fortunate enough to interact with so many great people on Twitter. To anyone who has ever tweeted to me and talked to me, thank you so much. I am really loving this Twitter thing, and I am looking forward to the future!

If you need any ideas of great people to follow, I believe the list above is a good place to start :-)

-Matthew Hickey

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