Winners and Losers: Texas

Here are the winners, losers, and the cone of shame winner following the Firestone 550 at Texas:


Indycar and their / our peace of mind
It was a great race. It was entertaining to watch. It was a safe race. It was the perfect race. 5th grade grammar aside (knock on Half Pint), this was everything Indycar and their fans needed after the last 1.5 mile oval at Las Vegas. There were no packs, no pedal to the floor for 2 hours kind of racing, none of it. Drivers were lifting, driving the cars like the old CART days, and for Randy Bernard, Eddie Gossage, and Indycar, it was a win on the track, and off it, as we can now ease off the hatred for 1.5 mile ovals, and maybe see more of them back on the schedule now that a solution has been found.

Justin Wilson and Dale Coyne Racing
Hell of a race by Justin. Kind of surprised by this because of their not-so-hot qualifying effort, but in another way, I am not surprised based off their run at Indy, where Justin was solid. Dale Coyne has got that same recipe for success that he had in back when he won his first race, and look for them to be strong for the rest of the season. Also a great run by James Jakes who finished in the top ten.

Graham Rahal
I tip my hat to Graham. Not often a driver is asked to take the high line by themselves in the name of saving the tires. Easier said then done. We can't ignore the fact that Golden Graham powered his way into P1 even after being a lap down at one point, and he manned up to his mistakes after the race.

JR Hildebrand
JR, like Graham, was also a lap down at one point, but he showed a little Badgerness, shook it off, took what he wanted, and got back to the top five in a great run, especially since the pressure was being put on from Oriol.


Shitty day for Chevy, as they had four failures (Viso, Servia, RHR, Rubens {well I don't know if Rubens problems was Chevy's fault}), but they are on their toes as Honda has brought out the kitchen sink.

Chip Ganassi Racing
I thought Dario was going to win at the start of the race, but then handling went afoul, WRONG. I thought Dixon was going to win, until he forgot what the apron was, WRONG. I thought Graham was going to bring it home until he brushed the wall going for the win, WRONG. We were all WRONGED.

Marco Andretti
So Marco's car was in a dazzling array of flames and fire, and in true heroic fashion, he leaped out of the car, seemingly averting disaster. That was all sarcasm if you didn't catch it. Sample conversation: "MY F*****G CAR IS ON FIRE!! Let me do a quick lap, pit, and jump out of the car instead of stopping like a smart man! (one lap later) Don't worry I am out of the car!" Kyle Moyer (strategist): "Errrr, Marco, the car is fine, get your panzy ass back in the car and drive!" Even worse, it took them six laps to strap him back in. What a fail.

Will Power
At least he owned up to the mistake, but it was a big mistake that could have been a lot worse for Will. He blocked TK harder than my ex-girlfriend did to me on Facebook! (kidding, I've never had a girlfriend "officially") A hit in the points probably didn't feel too good too.

Cone of Shame

Ed Carpenter
ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ..... Oh damn, there is a race on? I was too busy not giving a shit about what Ed Carpenter said. Seriously dude, a boring race? What in the hell were you watching? Lauren George agreed with him, making me believe this is another Tony George "breaking up a success" scheme, again, for the 28754935251 time.

Let me know what you all think.

-Matthew Hickey