Winners and Losers: Milwaukee

Here are the winners, losers, and the cone of shame winner following the Milwaukee Indy Fest:


Ryan Hunter-Reay
I've been saying all along that Ryan is getting the shittiest luck this season, as he has had great runs (like always) but he just had something go wrong one way or another. No problems today for Ryan, and, unlike his last victory, there won't be any protests to be held. Great run for him.

Michael Andretti and Andretti Autosport
Despite the rain, and the critics thinking it was a bad idea to hold the race, and Tony George planning some monotonous way to undermine it (snark), Michael Andretti did a great job of pulling off a great race which saw a dramatic increase in attendance from last year as well as #indyfest trending on Twitter for the last two days. That's how you gain exposure. Also, a great run for Hinch puts him second in the points.

The city hosted a great event and fans from near and far came to witness the race in order to save the Mile. Sign this track for 2013 and years to come Nard Dogg.

Oriol Servia
If ifs and buts were candies and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas. But if Oriol would have had a Chevy all year, I wonder where he would be in the points.... Probably top-5 if you ask me.


Scott Dixon
I guess Dixie got the shaft from the officials by getting a penalty on the restart that didn't count..... In separate, yet unrelated, news, 5 Indycar officials have been fired. Chip Ganassi may be to blame.

Ryan Briscoe
The '08 winner of The Mile did..... nothing, in fact he did more than nothing, which was going backwards. But let's give him credit, he did beat Marco Andretti...............

Marco Andretti
When your teammates finish P1 and P3, something is wrong. He better pray for good results because his future ain't lookin' to good.

2 Honda's in the top-10 is no beuno for this group. Especially when your top driver (Tags) wasn't even in a Honda until Indy.

Cone of Shame

I think it is time for ABC to start making Indycar more of a priority rather than something like the WNBA, which is to say, an afterthought. Yes it sucked that it rained, but at least work something around and get it on ESPN 2 or move the Nascar NATIONWIDE (not even that important) Race to ESPN 2. The Indycar race would have taken about 35-45 more minutes, would that have killed anyone? And I guess they showed the wrong replay to race officals? "In unrelated news to the first news bulletin, the 5 Indycar officials that have been fired have been rehired for a mistake. Those responsible for the firings have been fired. Instead, 5 ABC officials have been fired. Chip Ganassi, again, is the main suspect behind the influencing of others."

Let me know what you think.

-Matthew Hickey