Entering the Aero Kit Debate

I had tweeted last night about how Indycar not having aero kits wouldn't be the worse thing in the world, and on one hand, I and many others can see an argument. The racing has been top notch with the new DW12 in the Dallara spec aero kits.

So when the owners rejected the use of aero kits for the immediate future, I wasn't too bummed.

But then I got into a deep train of thought after several people tweeted me their opinions (thanks to @santesteband, @dannycatste, @Fujis123, @ScottKostohryz, @IndycarStig, @TylerRoss79, @Deke15, @TheKing0fSwing, and @AaronM1978) and after I just thought about things. And here was what is what I came up with:

1) Indycar needs to break up the Dallara monopoly. Giving other companies everywhere the opportunity to build aero kits would be huge for some businesses. Not to mention I am sure a lot of businesses have invested time, effort, and money into the development of aero kits for the future. Not to mention if Firestone made a winning aero kit, they could advertise themselves as the leading developer in Indycar adding credibility and increasing revenue for their mainstream business.

That's a big monopoly

2) Innovation and seeing some creative aero kit ideas would be a refreshing sight. We have seen every team have the same car as everyone else since 2006 with the exception of very few teams using the Panoz G-Force chassis. Seeing every team run a certain aero kit would be a great sight.

3) My biggest concern is the quality of racing, and I feel like as long as everyone has close to the same engine power (Honda / Chevrolet) then the racing would still be close. I do not see one aero kit dominating so much to the point where other teams would be completely screwed, and even if there is one aero kit is better than others, every team has the ability to use all aero kits.

4) One of the main reasons Dallara was chosen by the ICONIC Committee was for the aero kits, and Indycar and Randy Bernard sold everyone on the idea and a lot of people bought into it. So now that I think about it, owners rejecting it seems, well, stupid. What are the owners thinking? I'd love to hear what they have to say.

The time for aero kits is now. This can't be one of those things that needs to be pushed the back burner, the time is has come to get these ready for 2013.

Thanks to those who chatted with me and let me know what you think.

-Matthew Hickey