United As One

All you have to do is look at the numbers. That, alone, should sum up everything. Then, take into account the crushed feelings, lost fan base, and ultimate shrinkage of open wheel in America. And look where we are. We are still trying to get our head above water. This all encompasses the split that dragged Indycar down and beat it with a club for years. But with a plethora of young talent, a great car in the DW12, and a CEO who knows exactly what he's doing, Indycar is slowly but surely working themselves back to the state they were once in.

But minor fragmentations behind the scenes of Indycar turn into gaping holes that not only can be avoided, but ultimately hurt the series.

The most recent being the calling of an anonymous group of three owners, a former CEO, two team managers, and a former champion (all connected to Chevrolet) to have Chief Badass in Charge, Randy Bernard, fired. Errr....... What? I for one think Randy Bernard has done an absolutely phenomenal job in taking charge of the series, turning it around, and getting it on solid footing. He has so many goods for the sport, and we, the fans, really appreciate it.

The great boss himself
So to have some teams come out and call for him to be fired, anonymously, is pretty despicable. The French don't even stoop to that kind of level. I am baffled. What could he have possibly done to piss you off to the point of saying he needs to be ousted? Even Lotus teams didn't go that low. After all, you have the engine that has won 80% of the races so far this season.

Every team faces problems. Problem or not, I don't think firing Randy Bernard is the answer. That would destroy years of hard work and destroy things that are set up for future years. If Randy were to be fired, that would all go down the shitter. I mean, what problem could be so large to have him fired?

Teams need to realize the possible long term damage they could be causing by trying to get rid of Randy. Do they not see what past selfish tendencies have done to Indycar and its sport?

And Indycar has seen some of the best racing in the first five races compared to the last five years. The Indy 500 was like nothing we have ever seen, and it was one for the ages. Do owners forget that there is something great than themselves which is the fans?

It is time to put this behind us, work something out, and remember that, at the end of the day, we are all on the same team, TEAM INDYCAR. We need to be united as one.

So let Randy Bernard do his job because he has unfinished business.

Let me know what you all think.

-Matthew Hickey