Time For the Andretti's to Split

It isn't working, and the longer they wait, the more the talent will be wasted. I have no doubt that Marco Andretti can drive the wheels off of the car, and it has been proven at some points in his career, where we see flashes of brilliance of young Marco Andretti, which, despite the fact that he seems like he's been around forever, is only a young 25 years old.

But since entering the series in 2006, Marco Andretti has won 2 races in 103 attempts. We can compare these numbers to his father Michael Andretti (10 race wins in his first 103 attempts) and his grandfather Mario Andretti (17 wins first 103). Now I'm not saying Marco is currently at the level of his father and grandfather, but he certainly has the potential to be there.

Which leads me to my point: Marco will never meet his full potential at his father's team, Andretti Autosport. Marco has a giant cushion under him. I mean, would Michael ever have the balls to fire him? Marco has a safety net under him, so he can half ass it on a week to week basis. I'm not trying to draw the conclusion that he does, but I can't see him pushing 100% every week when his seat is not in danger.

It almost all wrong on Bump Day in 2011

Look at Graham and Bobby Rahal. I'd like to consider Graham one of the most talented drivers in the field. With the opportunity to employ him full time, they both decided it would be for the best not to do it.

"As much as I'd love Graham to drive for us, I think for him, it's better that he drives for somebody else because he has the credibility. People know he is there for him and not for me." -Bobby Rahal on INDYCAR 36

It is in Marco's best interest to not re-sign with Andretti Autosport in 2014. He needs to go to another team and really push himself without having that safety net below him. He needs to start creating his own footsteps instead of following in his fathers footsteps. Because right now, Marco Andretti is not cutting it.

But I have predicted Marco to run well at the Indy 500 this year. He has always run well there, but to win a championship, you have to be consistent. Marco has consistently failed to even come close to winning the championship.

Still can't believe Marco lost it. And I saw it in person.

And now that I post this, Marco will win the 500. Watch. And then I will look like an ass... Oh well :)

Let me know what you think.

-Matthew Hickey