Fast Five with (Magoo) THE STIG

Some say he's the offspring of a mongoose and Mario Andretti, and that Chuck Norris once asked him for his autograph. All we know, is he's called THE STIG. This is a funny interview with one of the best people I know on Twitter, Mathew Gruenholz aka The Stig (@MagooTheSTIG on Twitter). The intention here is to shed light on the one they call the Stig, and for people to take notice of a funny and great individual. Follow him (link to his profile!/MagooTheSTIG), and his campaign to get Pippa Mann some sponsors for Indy. Here is our quick five question interview, enjoy:

Stig at IMS supporting Pippa Mann.
Photo Courtesy of  James Black
from 16th and Georgetown
1) So clearly, you are the prodigy of racing. How does it feel to wake up, look in mirror, and have the knowledge that you are way better than everyone? I guess what I'm trying to ask, does it suck to be so awesome?

STIG: When I wake up (after being unplugged from an electrical outlet) I just refer to my pre-installed Ego sub routine, that states a different reason each day why I am better than anyone else on the track... And life in general.  It's good to be The King.

2) What's the dumbest thing someone asked you? Has anyone ever asked you, "What's with the outfit?" And did this question get followed with a vicious Stig beatdown?

STIG: I've had a person ask if I was a Storm trooper, I just turned to him and glared.  I was surprised when he suddenly burst into flame and ash, i wasn't aware i could do that. "Force choke" on that Darth Vader...

3) Ever though about something other than a white suit? I mean come on, your supposed to be the symbol of the greatest of the great? You were born with a steering wheel in your hands.

STIG: White wasnt my choice, i just woke up one day and i was white (Caucasian Stig).  I thought about getting painted gold to show that I am worthy of greatness, but the gold flakes looked too much like my terrible weakness... Glitter.  How did you know about my steering wheel pacifier?

4) Is it hard to role model after somebody considering there is no one better than you? Ipso facto, are you your own role model?

STIG: When I started my life, i was shown movies and racing clips of a man you know as "Steve McQueen."  This accounts for why I am hell bent on being the best... And why females seem to be so attracted to me... But i can't be bothered with that, racing is my prime directive.

Stig vs Pippa

5) The staple question on the Fast Five is have you ever sneezed, sighed, or anything else that would be considered obscure whilst driving a race car? 

STIG: I truthfully have sneezed during a go kart race once, it was gross and it startled me. I wasn't sure what a sneeze was til then.  Is it true that if you sneeze, unload waste and hiccup at the same time that my visor will read "Syntax error" or "error 404- file not found" or is that just a joke? Cruel joke...

Thanks to The STIG for giving me the chance to interview him! Mathew, the person, is great, and is definitely worth a follow.

-Honey Badger