Sao Paulo: Winners and Losers

Here are the winners, losers, and Cone of Shame award winner after Sao Paulo:


Can't be stopped

Will Power
Another dominating race. Quoting Zachary Houghton @indycaradvocate, "Which of these happened first? A) American Independence, B) Magna Carta, C) Founding of Rome, D) Power last loses a road street course?" I'm going with B.

Takuma Sato
He finally finished where he belonged with out getting shafted by anyone! And it was great to see him so happy after the race! Hugging everyone and waving to the crowd, it was a delight to see.

Indycar and Brazil
Huge crowd, an expected 14 million viewers in Brazil, and a great race. Perfect, nothing short of perfect. Plus no rain.

Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee sure showed that Brazilian reporter a thing or two about American Journalists. They get the interview in no matter what, nothing stops them! Way to go Kevin! America 1, Brazil 0.


Everyone involved in the Turn 1 pile up
So let's see. The drivers involved in the wreck on the restart and where they finished: Pagenaud P12, TK P13, Marco P14, Jakes P15, Rahal P16, Dixon P17, Conway P19, and Beatriz P20. They all took a big blow. Some good races wrecked.

Justin Wilson
Qualified P6, but due to some infraction that made him qualify so high (sarcasm), he got moved to the back. Not knocking the Indycar Tech crew, they did their job correctly. And in the race, Justin had some mechanical issue. Poor guy can't catch a break. 

A Lotus official was probably thinking, "Yeah, we sacked Oriol Servia and Dreyer and Reinbold! That will show them whose boss!" That awkward moment when they realize Oriol Servia finished the highest out of all the Lotus cars.

Ed Carpenter
I'll give him credit, he was actually running well on a road course! And then he got wrecked by Beatriz and spun it under caution. Come on man, I felt like I was watching the '03 500 when Dixon spun under yellow right in front of us.

Cone of Shame

The Weatherman
Mathematical analysis of the situation. If there is a 90% chance of rain, that leaves a 10% chance that it doesn't rain. So all I heard all week was how it was going to be a wet race and I got a wi bit excited. And when I say rain, I mean rain, and not sprinkles. Wrong again weathermen. I'm just glad we got the race in, but maybe the meteorologists should go back to school.

Let me know what you all think.

-Matthew Hickey