Network or Bust

You've have to do something 'Nard Dog

Now, you all know me as a guy who does not dwell on the negatives (except when Cavin decides to open his mouth) and I myself like to call out the haters, but this needs to be said, and someone on Indycar needs to make an effort to get this job done. And the task at hand is: Get races off of cable networks and get every race on ABC or NBC or a mix of the two (which in this blog, I refer to as the "network channels". I'd love for qualifying to stay on NBCSN, and maybe for races that are on ABC to get qualifying on ESPN3.

It is bad enough when Indycar has to go head to head against the far superior and the series that produces better racing (sarcasm), Nascar, but when your average family who either doesn't have cable or can't afford cable can't watch your race, then we got problems.

It works something like this. More viewers equals a higher Nielsen Rating. A higher Nielsen Rating equals more sponsors. More sponsors equals more all around exposure in society which, ipso facto, gets more fans. More fans equals a higher Nielsen Rating, and it becomes a cycle.

But when one of the best road course races in the last seven years pulls a .25 rating, something is wrong. And it sucks because NBCSN did a phenominal job of showing the race.

And I'd love for some kind of deal to be arranged with NBC (as in the national network) to get worked out. I'm not saying every race on NBC, because ABC has Indianapolis locked up for years. But when it comes down to it, if NBC can broadcast like NBCSN, then NBC > ABC. ABC has been dropping the ball lately with poor coverage of the race and a massive amount of commercials. But beggars can be choosers, so I'd be happy with a 50-50% solit.

There is absolutely no way you can expect a series to grow if your average American can't even see the race. Something needs to be done. And I don't want to be "that guy", but I do not see Indycar growing if they don't get their races on network channels.

Not to mention putting it on Network on a week to week basis might open up the eyes of racing fans who settle for watching Nascar because that's the only thing on TV. They might actually see what real racing looks like.

And I'm trying not to be selfish, but I won't get NBCSN at college..... So Mr. Randy Bernard, have you met my friend named Benjamin Franklin? He can be a reward if you get the job done :)

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-Matthew Hickey