Indycar Rivalries, Come On Down!

In the past couple of years, we have seen some good on and off track rivalries, some of which have caused a war of words and actual physical altercations, the latest one being Rahal and Andretti incident. The Bob Barker treatment was used on several occasions. Bob Barker treatment = "The Price is Wrong, B****!" (Happy Gilmore reference). How many rivalries will form in 2012? Here are past incidents in Indycar in the last couple of years:

Kanaan vs Hornish

This one took place at Watkins Glen. An on track altercation boiled over coming into the pits when TK chopped Hornish, which caused Hornish to say something once he came out of his car. Sam Hornish Sr shoved  Kanaan which caused Hornish Sr to get his ass planted in the ground by some random guy who was first believed to be Danica Patrick's father. Happy times!!

Fight! Fight! FIGHT!

Thrill From West Hill vs Tags

In one of the dumbest moves I have ever seen, Paul Tracy pulled out of a run off area straight into the path of Alex Tagliani,  which destroyed both cars. Errrrr...... What was PT thinking? Tags voiced his displeasure, and then some. Fist fight broke out, but Tags had the huge advantage of keeping his helmet on.

Get 'em Tags! "I HAVE NO BLEEPING CAR!" Mad props to the
fire fighter for not  doing anything to stop the altercation.

DW vs DP

Looking back at this, yes Danica was upset and yes she has the utmost right to voice her opinion, but let us think about the fight she was starting. Dan, at that time, had won 12 races, 1 Indianapolis 500, and 1 championship. Danica had......... Well, Danica had accomplished....... Let's be honest, she hadn't done jack shit up to that point. The fight was caused by Dan coming down onto Danica at Milwaukee in 2007. It really looked like a racing incident, and Danica was folding under the pressure to win.

"She's just feisty.  There's a lot of pressure on her because she
has not won a race , and her teammates are (winning)."

Power vs Tags, Power vs Franchitti, Power vs Indycar,
Power vs *Insert name here*

So Will Power had a fun year of playing Mr. Outspoken in 2011. After hosting Tags for lunch a couple days earlier, Tags returned the favor by...... wrecking Will? That makes sense. That brought out the word "wanker" in an interview. Power was spun by Franchitti in the same race at Toronto, in which Power called Dario "a princess." At New Hampshire, with Barnhart's greater judgement, the green flag was thrown on the restart in the rain. Power flashed the double birds to officials after wrecking on said restart. The Angry Bird has been born.

Explaining the wanker moment

Nice job Barnhart
Thanks Princess

Tap Dancer vs Charles Minor

Helio Castroneves blatantly (huge sarcasm) blocks Will Power in Edmonton 2010. And instead of picking a fight with an official or a driver or crew member, he picks a fight with the toughest badass to be employed by Indycar, head of security Charles Minor. Yeah, Helio picks fights as well as he does his taxes.

Look at Charles laughin' it up!

SeaBass vs Paul Tracy

These two had had several run ins in the past. The rivalry boiled over the top when in the last corner of the last lap at Denver in 2006, PT tried an inside move on Sebastien Bourdais, which wrecked them both, and neither would finish the race. Bourdais ran after PT, shoved him, but in typical French Fashion, retreated after the first shove. PT just loved to get into altercations with other drivers.

After the first shove, SeaBass retreats. It is in his blood.
(That's a knock on the French)

The Guy With The Last Just Another Last Name vs Rahal

So Andretti tries overtaking Rahal in a tough area, but to counter act a bold move, what does Graham do? He tries to block him. And then Graham calls out akk the Andretti's. So then every other Andretti got involved. This was pointless, but hey, we got the two marquee names in Indycar to have a rivalry. The press now has a story. And Graham has a probation. The world is now watching Graham intently... (Not really)

Glad to see the wheel guard doing it's job, blame the Andretti's

So the question is, how many rivalries will we see develop this season? Let me know what you all think! Thanks for reading my snark-fest of an article!

-Matthew Hickey