Indycar Q & A: April 8th Edition

Here are my opinions on questions sent in by people on Twitter. Thank you to everyone who sent in a question.  Here is the Q & A:

Give us your predictions as to the non full time cars that will attempt to qualify at Indianapolis for the 500. -@RIPDanWheldon

Here are my predictions (some of these are confirmed, which will be indicated with a *) Driver/Team:

-Ana Beatriz / Andretti Autosport*
-Sebastian Saavedra / Andretti Autosport*
-Jean Alesi / Newman Haas Racing*
-Luca Filippi / Rahal Letterman Racing*
-Paul Tracy / Michael Shank Racing
-Tomas Scheckter / Dreyer and Reinbold Racing
-Bryan Clauson / Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing
-Townsend Bell / Schmidt Hamilton Racing
-Pippa Mann / HVM Racing
-Wade Cunningham / AJ Foyt Enterprises

Do you feel like if they (Indycar) were to implement a drivers canopy (closed cockpit) it would compromise the history of the car and history? -Jenn Bishop @Khiva1 

Unfortunately, nothing will ever be changed until the worst case scenario happens. Until then, the cockpits will remain open. And I personally do not want it because it does take away from the cars. The rear wheels are now closed with a sports car feel to it, which I am fine with (especially after 10-16), but an open cockpit is the definition of open wheel racing. But if it is in the name of safety, then I say yes. But nothing has happened to endanger a driver and the worst piece of debris out there, a tire, cannot become detached from the car after a crash, so I say no closing the cockpits.

Which announced driver would you most like to see at Indy and why? -Zachary Houghton @indycaradvocate

Well in a perfect world, I would like to see Martin Plowman, but that doesn't appear to be in the cards. I'd love to see Tomas Scheckter pull off some magic like he did last year. Really looking forward to seeing what the talented Luca Filippi can do.

Do you think it is beneficial to take races outside of North America? -Jenn Bishop @Khiva1

Yes. I know you said North America, but here are the countries outside of America that should get a race and the number next to it indicates how many races they should get: Canada (3, addition being Vancouver), Brazil (2), Japan (1), UK (1), and Australia (1). I think it is important, especially if you're going to have 19-20, to have plenty of races outside of America. If these are the cases, then that would still leave 11-12 races in America, which is plenty. I think it is very important to go outside of America in an effort to expand the market, because there are more than fans in America.

Time to go back to Vancouver.... eh?

Will the popularity fall off some with Danica going to Nascar? -Shane Fueller @racershane48in24

No. People say Indycar ratings have dropped off because of "The Danica Effect", but that isn't the case because Nascar ratings haven't gone up because of her, so I do not think so. In time, Nascar fans will get sick of hearing about her and won't want her anymore.

With the new car, what manufacturer do you see stepping up next? -Ross Fujibayashi @Fujis123

Am I the only who is thinking, "How awesome would it be to see Chevy vs Ford at Belle Isle and also every other race in the season?" That would be a true American battle! Others that I'd like to see come back include Mercedes and Toyota.

Let me know what you all think.

-Matthew Hickey