Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fantasy Indycar Picks: Sao Paulo

*Keep your eyes pealed next week. There will be slightly different rules for Indianapolis*

Name Twitter Handle
Alan Stewart _alanstewart Rahal Dario Helio Power TK
Andy Manes andyjm1989 Helio Rubens TK Sato Hinch
Jessica Baker bakerjm13 Power Hinch RHR Rubens Marco
Connor DePhillippi cdephillippi11 Hinch Sato RHR Briscoe Wilson
Chris Blackburn chblackburn23 RHR Dario Briscoe TK Rubens
James Sedlmayr dfd827 Rubens Dixon Pagenaud Briscoe Hinch
DJ Jordan djordan3223 Rubens Briscoe Beatriz Sato Marco
Emily Mugan emrymalee Power Sato Rahal Rubens Wilson
Eric Hall erock_in_indy Rubens Dario Pagenaud Newg Hinch
Gina Navarra fastlifeofgina Helio TK Pagenaud Rubens Dario
Ross Fujibayashi fujis123 Pagenaud Dixon TK Rubens Helio
Andy Nagel Gabbahey122475 Helio TK Rubens Viso Wilson
Matthew Hickey Indycar_MN  Sato Viso Jakes Rubens JR
James Beavers indycar_rebirth
Dave R. indycart
Jason McVeigh jasekm TK Rubens Helio Beatriz Power
Jerry Cruz jerrycruz1077 Rubens Pagenaud Hinch Briscoe Rahal
Kyle Lewis kylelewis1 Rahal Power Pagenaud Hinch  RHR
Kyle O'Gara kyleogara RHR Pagenaud TK Marco Newg
Lynn Weinberg lynnweinberg Hinch Pagenaud Rubens Sato Power
Mathew Gruenholz magoothestig TK Rubens Briscoe Rahal Viso
Megan Bickel megankbickel TK Rubens Helio RHR Power
Rick Snodie rickfromwi Dixon Wilson Pagenaud Briscoe Hinch
Diego Santesteban santesteband Pagenaud Helio RHR JR TK
James Alban TheKing0fSwing Carpenter Jakes Kimball Sato Helio

Most Picked: Rubens Barrichello (14)
Not Picked: Katherine Legge, Sebastien Bourdais, Mike Conway, Oriol Servia, and Simona de Silvestro

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  1. Wow none of the Lotuses got picked. And I'm excited for the rules for Indy!