Do We Need Push to Pass?

Indycar isn't Formula 1, and that needs to be clear. F1 has gotten to the point were a lot of the races had little to no overtaking, so something had to be done. To help change the lack of overtaking, F1 introduced KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) which is basically a boost used at the drivers discretion, and DRS (Drag Reduction System) which is a rear wing flap that opens,  which in turn reduces drag, and causes the car to speed up and therefore makes overtaking virtually easy.

In 2009, Indycar was having issues, especially following the race at Richmond, which, in true Formula 1 fashion, literally saw no overtaking. New aero updates to the IR07 chassis helped, well, all in all, helped improved racing. Push to Pass (P2P) was also introduced, which is basically added a boost in horsepower. The debut of these two changes started in Kentucky '09 and it (Kentucky) was one of the most thrilling races that Indycar had hosted in awhile. Following the race, the P2P was praised as to making the racing "brilliant".

I, for one, would like to think the racing was much better thanks to the aero updates to an outdated Indycar chassis. Not saying P2P didn't hurt, but did it make the race amazing? If anything, I thought it made defending easier.

That little green button makes your car go faster

Here is my issue with P2P: it makes overtaking much more fabricated. It doesn't take as much skill to overtake a car if you have a couple extra horses' behind you vs the car in front of you. The problem was IR07. Now we have the DW12, a lean, mean, fighting machine. *Although we didn't get to see any of it in the first race* Both races have produced some great on track action, and it was all done without a button that makes you faster.

My main beef with F1 is that a lot of real overtaking has gone away. Why overexert yourself in the rhythm section of a track when you can just wait till the DRS zone to pass the car in front? Not saying skill has gone away, but the art of overtaking has gone down dramatically. And I am also not saying P2P and DRS, because they are not the same at all, but it has the same rationale behind it.

This is just my opinion. We saw it at Barber, and I think we will see it again throughout the season, which is a lot of overtaking. Let's keep it the way it is and the also the way they did it back in the day, which is real, legitimate overtaking that isn't aided by anything but the right foot and a brain!

Let me know what you think.

-Matthew Hickey