Barber: Winners and Losers

Here are the winners, losers, and Cone of Shame award recipient following a fantastic race at Barber:


If this is a sign of things to come, then I will
die a happy man at the end of the season

The people in charge of broadcasting the race at NBC Sports Network deserve a standing ovation. We saw just about everything. Passing, contact, replays of the contact, useful insight by the commentators, and aesthetically pleasing display. Not to mention the commercials were well maintained throughout a lot of green flag action, thinking rationally. They did enough to make their end whilst pleasing all of us. And when we did get out of commercial, we were quickly filled in as to what had happened. Bear hug, NBCSN.

Beaux Barfield
Another perfectly officiated weekend. Bringing the cars who were a lap down into the pits before the final restart definitely made the racing better and was the best way to avoid an accident. And the blocking rule has worked, no one has abused it and gone overboard. 2 for 2, keep it up Beaux.

Will Power
Started ninth and worked his way to first and wins the race. The times he was shelling out on those blacks was the reason he won the race, an amazing drive by Power, shutting up his critics after last weeks performance.

Sebastien Bourdais
The little engine that could finished P9. Bourdais carved his way through the field in a clean manner in the engine that had been having issues and who have not been on pace with Honda and Chevy. Give them time, Lotus will be towards the top. And Bourdais has established himself the face of Lotus in Indycar.


So someone people kept saying Barber was the worst race track as far as the racing goes and this and that and all this bullshit. My thoughts were, "What race were you watching last year?" I wouldn't say last years race was an overtaking festival, but it was highly entertaining! This years race might have been the best race on a road course we have seen in years for Indycar. Haters, advert your eyes, and please crawl into a corner as you hide in shame for the next two weeks.

Ryan Briscoe
Seems like Ryan Briscoe was non existent in the race and he ended up finishing P14 whilst his teammates finished P1 and P3. That isn't the Ryan Briscoe we are all used to seeing. Interested to see how much they bounce back at Long Beach. I think he has a solid chance of winning at Long Beach.

Dale Coyne Racing
If Justin Wilson can't even stop it from rooster tailing in a straight line, you know something is incredibly wrong. James Jakes hasn't been fast either, but I am starting to think it may not be either of the drivers'  faults at this point. I think it is about time Dale Coyne put out his cigar he has been smoking since signing Wilson and start focusing on the engineering staff.

Tony Kanaan
For the second straight week, Tony Kanaan got shafted by a mechanical problem and finished towards the bottom of the field. TK's championship hopes are being dashed early.

Cone of Shame

Dario Franchitti
Now, I may get some crow for this, but I feel like Dario is not a good driver if the car is not 100% to his liking. When your teammate (whom you've beaten three years in a row) out qualifies you by 15 places, a red flag goes up. In his Nascar experiment, the car was never to his liking, and he ultimately failed there. I am by no means saying Dario is a bad driver, that is the opposite of what I am saying. I am saying that if his car is not setup correctly, then he is not the best driver on the track. For the last five seasons he has had the best car and TCGR had all the setups for every tracks. Now it is a whole new ball game, and it is easy to see who as adjusted and who hasn't.

Let me know what you guys are thinking.

-Matthew Hickey