You Be the Judge: History of tracks in Indycar 1996-2012

Here is a list of all of the tracks that Indycar (formally IRL. From 1996-2012) has raced at, as in the number represents how many times there has been a race there. What I want you to gather from this list is a) If your curious as to some of the tracks Indycar has raced at in the past, here you go! b) notice some of the tracks that aren’t in Indycar nowadays that have been with Indycar for awhile, most notably 7 tracks in the Top 10 list of tracks that have held an Indycar race are no longer in Indycar, which, in my opinion, means Indycar is drifting from its roots. Here is the list of tracks  and how many times they have held an Indycar race, and the tracks in orange are the tracks that are currently holding an Indycar race:

Texas 22
Indianapolis 17
Homestead 11
Kentucky 11
Chicago 10
Kansas 10
Phoenix 10  
Motegi 9
Pikes Peak 9
Milwaukee 8
Richmond 8
St. Petersburg 7
Infineon 7
Nashville 6
Watkins Glen 6
Iowa 6
Las Vegas 6
Michigan 6
Mid Ohio 6
Edmonton 5
Fontana 5
Long Beach 5
Walt Disney World 5
Atlanta 4
New Hampshire 4
Toronto 4
Barber 3
Belle isle 3
Charlotte 3
Gateway 3
Nazareth 3
Sao Paulo 3
Baltimore 2
Dover 2
Qingdao 1
Surfers Paradise 1

Thanks for reading, have any opinions on the manner? Let me know.

-Matthew Hickey