St. Pete: Winners and Losers

I will be doing a recap of every race. Winner and losers is self explanatory. The Cone of Shame award goes to the losers of the losers, the lowest of the lows. Here are the winners, losers, and, with permission from the old and missed @Indycar_Fan (so I can keep on his legacy, which I have big shoes to fill), the bringing back of the loser of the losers award, The Cone of Shame. (Think of the movie Up!) Here they are:


Wheldon Family
There were a number of fantastic tributes that were held at the race. Videos were shown honoring him. Tons of fans wore orange to honor the Wheldon family. Ribbons were on sale for purchase and the money would be donated to an Alzheimer's foundation that is supported by the Wheldon's. Dan Wheldon Way was inaugurated, and Helio brought it to life in his victory celebrations. Also, every driver acknowledged at some point in time during the race weekend. Gone but never forgotten, love you Dan.  

Might be the greatest Indycar moment in years

They put on a great show for the huge crowd that attended the race. Multiple trends on Twitter gets attention towards the series. No more Danica casts a light on a lot of other drivers in the series that are talented and charismatic. Clean, quality racing was a relief to a lot of us at home and team owners. Mechanical failures adds a whole new depth to things, makes it far more interesting. And a great job by Beaux Barfield in his first race.

Helio Castroneves
I was questioning Penske's decision to keep Helio in the off season. I thought he was spent and had nothin' left in him. But boy was I wrong. A key reason to winning was his switch to and mastering the art of left foot braking. Now he can run the same setups as Power and Briscoe. Not to say he didn't do it last year because he did, but he has mastered it. Can Helio get that all elusive first championship?

EJ Viso
I don't care what anyone says, EJ drove a hell of a race. If I would have told you on Saturday that EJ would have finished the highest at KV Racing, how many of you would have agreed with me? I was stunned at his performance! If this is the new EJ Viso, I can't wait to see more! And he did it all with food poisoning! Maybe we should get him sick every race if that's what it takes to have an amazing race! Next week: chicken pox. 


Dario Franchitti
Horrible weekend by Dario. Didn't make the Fast Six, didn't even run towards the top at all in the race. Thankfully, his biggest competition (WP) had a poor race too, but not as poor as Dario. They need a quick turnaround at Barber.

Will Power
Great job at setting a lap record and starting on pole, but that was all he did right this weekend. After he fell in the back of the pack, he became a no-show and was seldom talked about the rest of the race. Very un-Will Power like. He doesn't need to worry, he'll be up there at Barber.

The Brazilian Brothers
TK- P25. Rubens- P17. Not a good start for these two. Expect TK to bounce back at Barber, but I am not so convinced about Rubens. He still has a lot to learn about Indycar.

ABC Race Coverage
IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE TO SEE SOME OF THE ACTION IN THE BACK INSTEAD OF WATCHING THE FUEL CONSERVATION RACE UP FRONT. People were saying it was a parade with no passing. Based off of the coverage, yes it was. But when you saw where drivers started and where they finished, it tells a different story. I've been seeing tweets from those at the track that were talking about great passes, but we at home didn't get to see it. It sucked, but ABC did do a great job with the pre-race festivities.  

Cone of Shame

Rome wasn't built in a day. The supplier with the least amount of testing was the slowest and least reliable of the weekend. They just need more time to develop their engines. In time, things will be better for them and the teams using it, but they are the unfortunate recipient of The Cone of Shame.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think. These weren't the only winners and losers, but I'd like to keep it to 4 per category. 

-Matthew Hickey